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Dismantling the heat exchange pump of the coal-fired boiler reduces the operating cost of cooling, heating and hot water in a 32,516-square-meter hotel by 20%

Dismantling the heat exchange pump of the coal-fired boiler reduces the operating cost of cooling, heating and hot water in a 32,516-square-meter hotel by 20%


      For hotels, a comfortable accommodation experience can be described as the "darling" of increasing the occupancy rate, so it is very important to focus on hot water and heating services that fit the user's living habits. Recently, the heat pump central air-conditioning + hot water project of Tianlu Hotel in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, which was constructed by NuLite, has been commissioned and put into use.

      01Prescribe the right medicine, NuLite heat pump perfectly matches the hotel project

      Tianlu Hotel is a quasi-five-star hotel with the largest scale and the most complete functions in the six counties and one district of Shangluo City. It has 254 guest rooms of various types, with a total construction area of 32,516 square meters. It has been using two high-power coal-fired boilers for hot water and heating for 8 years, which is not only costly and expensive, but also detrimental to the surrounding environment and air quality.


02Customized solutions to meet customer needs in an all-round way

      The pressure-bearing system is adopted, and the design is more energy-saving: the problem of water temperature fluctuation of the heat source is solved, and the utilization rate of the water tank is improved.

      Constant outlet water temperature to improve comfort: using pressure-replenishing water technology, the outlet water temperature of the unit can also be flexibly adjusted according to different seasons, with an adjustment range of 20~55°C, so as to be as close to the actual demand as possible and to save operating costs.

      With the water return function, the hot water is hot when it is turned on: it can realize 24-hour constant temperature hot water, improve the comfort of hot water use, and ensure that the hot water is hot when it is turned on.

      Vibration and noise reduction measures are adopted to reduce the operating sound of the equipment: vibration and noise reduction measures are adopted in the design and installation, and vibration absorbers are used to reduce the vibration and noise of the buildings at the installation location; the compressor adopts noise-absorbing cotton; the fan adopts customized silent fan and air guide hood , to reduce noise and control the direction of noise transmission.

      High-performance heating products, proven by hard core strength: using turbine direct injection enthalpy increasing technology, stable operation at -35 °C; adaptive defrosting technology to ensure optimal heating capacity and high energy efficiency ratio; intelligent modular control to achieve multi-level Adjusted operation, higher efficiency; the system adopts a variable flow design, and automatically adjusts the flow according to the end use requirements to reduce the power consumption of the pump; the intelligent control system automatically adjusts the water temperature of the system according to the ambient temperature, so as to meet the cooling and heating needs. To achieve the purpose of system energy saving.

      03 High efficiency and energy saving, operating costs can be saved by 20% per year: comparison of fuel costs for various heating equipment to produce 20 tons of hot water and heating cold water from 4°C to 55°C, that is, a temperature difference of 51°C. The annual average energy efficiency ratio of heat pump operation is calculated at 380%, and the annual cost is 91,138 yuan, which saves about 36% of the cost compared to burning coal.


      In order to effectively solve the problem of comprehensive heating and cooling in the hotel, Tianlu Hotel launched the "Reconstruction Project of Heating and Cooling Project", investing millions of yuan to transform hot water supply and heating and cooling to reduce operating costs. After many on-site inspections and investigations, the NuLite air energy heat pump was finally selected.

      Unit information: NuLite low-temperature water heaters, 10 sets, 4 sets; NuLite 5-ton pressurized water tanks, 4 sets; NuLite ultra-low temperature heat pump, 30-hp side outlet air sets, 30 sets; combined with some of the original heat sources, to meet the project's summer air conditioning, winter heating and cooling and year-round hot water needs.