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crematorium heats swimming pool

by:NULITE     2019-08-29
City Hall officials want to use the excess heat generated by the incinerator to heat water for swimmers --
Save 14,500-a-
Annual heating costs.
If approved, Redditch Borough Council will be the first institution in the country to heat the pool using crematorium.
The council has outlined plans to heat the sports center of the monastery Stadium from the adjacent red ditch Cemetery and Crematorium crematorium.
Currently, the heat from the incinerator
800 degrees Celsius (1,472F)-
Lost in the atmosphere.
The head of the council said that this will save cash and is a greener way to power the leisure center.
But locals have expressed concern about the proposals, calling them \"weird \".
Simon Thomas, director of the Thomas Brothers funeral, said: \"I don\'t know how comfortable people will be with the pool being heated by the death of a loved one, and I feel a little strange and weird.
\"I\'m not comfortable with this at all, and I think it\'s a bit disgusting trying to save money due to the death of someone\'s family or friends.
\"I think it\'s going to cause a stir, and it might even make it possible for people to delay the use of the facilities that would lose parliamentary money.
\"It just feels wrong.
But the leader of Parliament, Carol Gandi, yesterdayMon)
Defended the plans, saying it would save money and energy in the long runterm\".
\"I \'d rather use that energy than just see it come out of the chimney and heat the sky,\" she said.
\"For people who use Crematorium Services, there is absolutely no difference.
\"I know some people may not like it, but they don\'t have to use our crematorium if they don\'t.
\"I don\'t want them to do this, but they have to make a choice.
\"At the moment it\'s just an offer, but personally I support it because I think it will save the authority money and in the long run
We are all told that all we should do is save energy.
Gordon Hull, from the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities, said: \"From an environmental perspective, it makes sense that you don\'t need a separate boiler because of how much waste heat the process generates.
\"Before the executive committee of the Council discusses the matter next Tuesday, an open meeting to discuss the plan will be held on Thursday (Feb 1).
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