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could solar power recharge green industry?

by:NULITE     2019-08-19
The solar house in Leicester is the first house to be completely solar. powered new-
Building houses in Britain.
Unlike many other buildings with solar panels, this home can store thermal energy and use it at any time.
John Cotterill, the architect of the building, said: \"We are absorbing the energy that is usually not needed in summer, so solar energy that generates heat.
\"Then we pump it into the ground and store it for use when needed.
It is then taken out of the ground through the under-floor heating system and distributed around the house.
\"One of the most important parts of the house is located under it.
The earth energy bank absorbs the heat generated by the House, and the pipes and sensor networks transmit the heat to the surrounding buildings through water pumps.
Dr. Andrew Wright said: \"There are some measurements in the House that are used to control the system, telling the heat pump when it is turned on and off, or when the panel transfers heat to the ground.
\"In the evening, for example, once they cool down, you don\'t want them to deliver liquid to the ground, because that will only cool down the ground.
\"Next year, the government wants all new homes in the UK to meet zero-carbon standards, and by 2050 their goal is to reduce emissions by 80%.
Wind power is one of the best
The form of renewable energy used in the UK has been established, but building turbines on the shore will soon become more difficult.
All subsidies will end from April 2016 and the planned 2,500 turbines may be canceled.
This means that other options will have to be considered, including offshore wind farms that are much more expensive than onshore turbines and tidal power generation.
A proposed tidal lagoon in Swansea has just been licensed for development, and if it continues to develop, it can send a call in the coming 120.
Committee on Climate Change this week (CCC)
An independent organization that advises the government says the UK needs \"urgent action\" to cut emissions \".
Lord Debon, chairman, said: \"If we do it right, then we should be at the center of the offshore wind power industry, and I think we can create more jobs in the solar industry.
\"If we do this in tidal and water engineering, we have a lot of opportunities.
This is a very good opportunity.
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