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collection of advantages of heat pump projects


collection of advantages of heat pump projects

1. High energy saving efficiency

The efficiency of direct heating by electric energy is relatively low. One kilowatt hour of electricity can only produce one share of heat energy, which is one of the reasons for high electricity charges when air conditioning and electric heating are used in winter. The working principle of the air energy heat pump is slightly different. The compressor is driven by low electricity to absorb low-grade heat energy in the air and convert it into high-grade heat energy, which is then used for indoor heating. The compressor that also uses the air jet enthalpy increasing technology can get more than 3 copies of heat energy by consuming only 1 kilowatt hour of electricity. Therefore, the electric energy consumed by the air energy heat pump to generate the same heat is very low, and it is a very efficient energy-saving heating equipment.

2. High environmental protection and safety

When the air energy heat pump works, it only consumes electricity and does not rely on non renewable resources such as natural gas, coal and oil. Therefore, there will be no open fire, no pollutant emissions, and no environmental pollution. At the same time, the power system of the air energy heat pump is concentrated in the outdoor unit, and the heat is transmitted to the indoor through water, which can achieve the separation of water and electricity. The indoor does not touch the power supply, and has good safety. Compared with other heating equipment, it can avoid fire, explosion, poisoning, electric shock and other risks. Even if fan coil units are used for heating in winter, there will be no danger indoors. There is water in the indoor pipes, and leakage will only wet the ceiling, but there will be no refrigerant leakage from fluorine air conditioners, which will cause excessive fluoride content in the room and affect health.

3. Low use cost

The air energy heat pump uses 1 kilowatt hour of electricity to generate 3 parts of heat energy. Compared with air conditioning and electric heating, it can save 2/3 of the use cost, 1/2 of the cost compared with the gas wall mounted furnace heating, and about 30% cheaper than central heating.

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4. High heating comfort

The air energy heat pump mainly uses the water system to work, and the heating terminal can be carried out through the fan coil, floor heating and radiator. From the comfort point of view, the floor heating is worthy of the first place. The indoor coil is evenly laid, the temperature is evenly dissipated, the heat is transferred from low to high, and the body is warmed up first, so that the temperature feeling of sufficient temperature and cool roof is the most comfortable heating scheme at present.

The comfort of air energy heat pump is also very high in summer. The chilled water is generated by the heat pump host and recycled to the position of the indoor fan coil for heat exchange. The indoor temperature is very constant (inert water), and the air outlet temperature of the water system air conditioner is only 12 ℃ - 15 ℃. Compared with the low temperature of 7 ℃ - 10 ℃ of the fluoride air conditioner, the air outlet is more gentle, the air outlet temperature is higher, the temperature fluctuation is smaller, and the impact on humidity is smaller.

5. Wide range of use

The air energy heat pump uses low electric energy to absorb the heat in the air. It can be used wherever there is electricity, water and air (the temperature is above - 25 ℃). It is not affected by light and energy and is less affected by the environment. The application of air energy heat pump to jet enthalpy increasing technology makes the ability to adapt to the ambient temperature stronger. Heating can be conducted at - 25 ℃ - 43 ℃, which can meet the needs of most northern regions in China, and the environment in the south is easier to meet

6. Good stability

All refrigerants used by air conditioners are fluoride, while the refrigerants used by air energy heat pumps are fluoride and water. Fluoride is used at the host location and water is used in the indoor part. Compared with water, it can retain heat for a longer time. The heat absorbed by air energy heat pumps can be stored in water for a longer time, making the indoor temperature more constant, and reducing the frequent operation of equipment, Therefore, it can save energy while maintaining stability.

7. Long service life

The service life of the air conditioner is about 12 years, the service life of the gas water heater is about 8 years, and the service life of the gas wall mounted furnace can reach 15 years. However, if the gas quality is good and the water quality is good, the equipment will be scrapped after several years of service life. However, the design life of the core components of the air energy heat pump is more than 15 years, which can cope with the impact of power aging and scale problems. Of course, regular maintenance can also increase the service life of the equipment


8. Simple installation conditions

Although the volume of air energy heat pump is relatively large, it has certain requirements for installation space. However, the installation of the air energy heat pump is not limited by the geology, pipeline and energy supply. The normal operation of the host can be realized in the place with air circulation, and there is no excessive demand for electrical equipment, which is equivalent to the distribution of ordinary air conditioners. There is no need to worry about the trouble caused by the lack of electricity in the home and the increase of capacity. Large and small households can be used.