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November 30, 2002 broadcast
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Host Sanjay Gupta: Today, ride a bike in the pool and wish you good health.
Yoga at a high temperature of 106 degrees
We will let you know the coolest and hottest sports trends to get you through the holidays.
Sports guru Billy Blank thanked him for overcoming the learning disabilities he didn\'t even know.
The goal of the tap water company is to provide bottled energy and electricity, but would it be better for you to turn on the tap?
These stories come when CNN is watching your health.
Hello everyone. I am Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
There\'s nothing more important than your health.
Well, this happens every year.
The holidays are coming, we eat too much, exercise too little, and then feel guilty and determined to do better in the new year.
OK, let\'s start this holiday season and to help you, we offer the culmination of the hottest sports trends and some fresh food to think about. (Start Video)
Unidentified women: two, one, go.
Unknown woman: pull, pull, pull.
Relax your shoulders. GUPTA (voice-over)
: Hydroride, an underwater bike class takes a fixed bike to another level.
Group fitness coach Kathy Castellano: the concept itself is to put what we like under water, to put it under water, to give it 12 times the resistance against the water, re-train the muscles in different ways.
Gupta: people attending this key fitness event in Atlanta will be taught speed training, weight lifting and arm training.
Unlike most forms of exercise, this class helps the injured.
CASTELLANO: I would recommend to those who may be recovering from a knee injury, an ankle injury because, again, the joints are not hit.
This will definitely benefit them and help them to re-train and recover.
Unidentified woman: lift your legs. Body down.
Gupta: but, if cycling in cold water is not for you, how about exercising in an overheated room?
It\'s called hot yoga for some people, but its official name is--bikram yoga.
This class is in a 106 degree classroom.
It is considered a very disciplined way of yoga that can help you learn more about your body and endurance.
Christina rey, BIKRAM yoga: calories will help you stretch your body and will help you stretch your body-
Like a blacksmith.
You try to restructure your body in the cold and you will break your body. It\'s like --
Why are you calling that--steel?
If you want to modify the steel you have to heat it and then modify it slowly.
The same thing happens to your body.
Gupta: while bikram may be considered a good form of group exercise, we really encourage participants to listen to their bodies.
Rey: common sense, it will keep you safe under almost any circumstances.
One thing yoga does is to make you responsible for it.
We tell people not to push too hard. Do it slowly. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Gupta: While exercise is good for the body, too much exercise may indicate a problem with the body\'s image.
Once considered a problem for women or girls, more and more men succumb to the pressure to get a perfect figure.
In fact, 43% of men surveyed were dissatisfied with their appearance.
That\'s a three-
It has doubled in the past 30 years. (Start Video)GUPTA (voice-over)
They call it a male physical crisis.
Men are obsessed with having the perfect muscles, hair and skin.
In other words, perfect body.
In this book Adonis Complex, the author talks about the fear that men and boys are not strong enough in muscles.
Chris Rosen bloom from the American diet Association: I think we \'ve seen it in both, but I think it starts with the younger group, especially when young boys get into adolescence, they want more muscles.
Young boys have always wanted to have muscles, but we are starting to see this image of discontent with the man\'s body.
Gupta: The word Adonis complex is not medical.
Instead, it is a term that evolved from the Greek character Adonis, a half-man and half-god, to describe a man\'s obsession with his physique.
As the center folds and models of men become stronger and stronger, millions of men are lifting weights to reflect these bodies.
With the change in gender roles, men define their masculinity through their muscles, the authors say.
This may explain why some women think that muscles mean strength, strength, and authority, which may explain why among the boys surveyed between the ages of 11 and 17, more than half of people want 35 lbs more bodies than their own muscles.
According to the book, among the boys, they say that the increase in physical obsession is related to changes in social and cultural climate.
Toys, comic books, magazines, newspapers, television and movies all paint more muscles in the male image, the researchers said.
Rosen Bloom: no matter how much men exercise, they don\'t look like stones.
We really have to do a better job of teaching scale acceptance, what we want is healthy, and we don\'t necessarily just need images.
Gupta: The authors say parents need to do a better job of identifying signs of Adonis complex, such as obsession with hair, skin and muscles.
Many times, these signs suggest that boys are suffering, and these symptoms are often overlooked because society does not value the same meaning when men are obsessed with their appearance.
Early detection of Adonis syndrome will help prevent future diseases, such as anorexia or urinating, and help prevent other more serious health problems, the experts said. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Gupta: Now, let\'s take a look at the \"pulse\" and see our other top health stories. (Start Video)GUPTA (voice-over)
: If you are one of the workers who have recently been fired, not getting a weekly salary may just be part of your trouble.
Layoffs can also lead to emotional disasters, experts say.
Financial worries, job-hunting pressures and uncertain futures can lead to depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, marital difficulties, and even suicide.
Experts say the rebound could take months or even years, far more than the start of a new salary.
Workers who still have income may also feel the crisis of the times.
Even if employers require fewer employees to provide more work, they are reducing paid leave and sick leave.
This is based on a Human Resources Study.
But the workers did not put it down.
Even if they are in good health, they will call for sick leave, and they will secretly take out more vacation time than they allow.
Because of this, the cost of unplanned absenteeism is-
It hit a record high in 2002, an increase of 30% over two years ago.
For more information on this or any of our stories this week, please visit our website. That\'s at cnn. com/yourhealth. thepulse. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Gupta: right in front of him, Tabo\'s Billy Blanc kicked and hit the top with a punch.
Many people use the same determination to overcome children\'s learning disabilities.
Later, there was water everywhere, and there was water everywhere, and this could be your new weapon in the bump battle. Stay with us. (
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Gupta: the combination and dance of taekwondo combat aerobics.
This is also one of the biggest exercise trends this year.
It is designed to stimulate the spirit, spirit and body.
Its charismatic lead singer, Billy Blank, is also an actor and writer who runs a foundation in his spare time to help those unfortunate people help themselves.
But as Kat Carney reported, Blanks had a secret from an early age that easily derailed him but didn\'t. (Start Video)
Billy Blank, creator of Tabo: five, six, ready, dig.
Kat carney, CNN Health Reporter (voice-over)
: Billy Blanc, the creator of Tabo, is best known for letting Americans kick their path to health.
Fill in the blanks: dig, dig.
Carney: When I caught up with him recently, he recalled how his path to becoming a fitness star was hampered by undiagnosed learning disabilities for more than 30 years.
Blank: I grew up in special education and when people told me that I was mentally retarded, I never thought about success.
But the young blank is not slow.
He now knows that he has a reading disorder, a learning disability that harms a person\'s reading ability.
I don\'t like reading, adding, spelling, you know.
Everything a child needs to learn at school is hard for me to learn.
Blanks: Blanks decided that he would turn his attention to martial arts if he did not perform well at school.
But it is also a challenge.
Because my coach tried to teach me karate and then he started to get frustrated because I couldn\'t learn.
Do you know that I will see things going backwards and awkward?
CARNEY: But Blank did not give up and eventually got black bands in six martial arts.
He is also the seventh world karate champion.
The protagonist of the martial arts film soon appeared.
But the reading barrier that he did not diagnose is still a problem. (on camera)
: You make a lot of movies, you need a lot of reading, a lot of learning scripts.
How did you do it?
Well, I mean, I was very lucky, very lucky to have a wife who read very well.
I will ask her to read the script to me and I can remember it when she reads it. CARNEY (voice-over)
: Blanc\'s wife for more than 20 years did not know that he would not read, not to mention that he had a learning disability.
But in the end, she was the first to suspect her superstar husband had dyslexia.
The discovery occurred after he tried to read a symbol backwards.
When some dyslexia try to read, they will see letters that appear upside down or backward, so it may look like this for symbols like this.
At the age of 35, after extensive testing, the blank was told the news. (on camera)
: What is your response when you hear that you do have a clear diagnosis of dyslexia?
Blank: I\'m just saying well, maybe that\'s one of the reasons why I can\'t read as well as I want.
That\'s one of the reasons I don\'t spell.
I ran away from reading math books or history books.
Now that you have a chance, I have a chance to know why I am running. CARNEY (voice-over)
: Blanks is no longer running.
The treatment of the reading disorder patient helped him overcome the reading disorder.
He is more than happy to show off his new skills. (on camera)
You\'re ready to start making another movie.
Who will read the script?
Blank: I want to read it. Move!
Go straight and get the red one out. That\'s right.
The red fruits.
They may heal your troubles.
Later, the fitness and designer waters caused a sensation.
But did they actually pack the promised punch-in?
But first, an update on the important issue of AIDS.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there are currently an estimated 800,000 people living with HIV in the United States and about 40,000 people living with HIV each year.
Progress in HIV treatment has led to a sharp decline in the number of AIDS deaths and has slowed progress from HIV to AIDS.
The population is growing and the demand for HIV prevention services is growing. (
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Gupta: Well, if Green means going, then red means stopping, which of course is true for fruit.
Red fruits like cherries, cranberries and watermelons can actually help to stop cancer, heart disease and arthritis.
Liz Weiss now offers mouth-watering details. (Start Video)
Liz Weiss, CNN Medical Correspondent (voice-over)
: Natural plant pigments that give the color of berries, watermelon and cherry rubies also have strong resistance
It helps to keep us healthy when we eat antioxidants.
Woman: You should try to eat two red fruits a day.
Wes: That\'s why.
Studies have shown that the cherry contains colorin, which may play an anti-inflammatory role.
Unidentified female: for people with osteitis
Arthritis, if they eat 35 cherries a day, it will relieve the pain after they take aspirin.
Cranberry can prevent urinary tract infections, but it can also reduce cholesterol levels.
Some studies have shown that berries contain tens of thousands of flowers and can fight cancer. (on camera)
: Even watermelon, because it contains 92% of water, used to be considered a lightweight product on the aisle of agricultural products, is now highly respected for its possible role in preventing certain cancers. (voice-over)
: Watermelon and pink grapefruit, in collaboration with tomato, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Cheryl Redmond, Journal of Natural Health (ph)
Give gazpacho an interesting new twist with watermelon.
She also uses frozen berries, which, by the way, do retain their resistance
Oxidation capacity in frozen fruits.
So, if you think that only water is provided by the red fruit?
Unidentified Woman: I don\'t know if I\'m linking red to health. WEISS (on camera)
But are you green?
Woman: I know. WEISS (voice-over)
: Then remember that the darker the color, the healthier it will be, whether it is green, yellow, orange or red.
I\'m Liz Weiss. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Gupta: We all know that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is good for us.
Now, a professor of nutrition claims that drinking water can also help us lose weight.
CNN Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen reports. (Start Video)
Elizabeth cohen, CNN Medical Correspondent (voice-over)
What do all this food have in common?
Water, that\'s it.
They all contain a lot of water which makes them the perfect weight
According to a book called \"volume\" written by Barbara Rolls, a nutrition professor at Penn State University, food was lost.
Barbara Rolls-Royce, professor of nutrition at Penn State University: if you eat a lot, the way we advertise is water.
Food with low fat content.
This is your 600 calories.
You can start with a bowl of soup, you can have a salad with a little seasoning, or a low-fat seasoning, and then you can have a turkey sandwich with a low seasoning
Fat spreads and you can pile up with a lot of vegetables and you can even leave calories for the fruit salad.
So this is the same calories as fat. COHEN (on camera)
: 600 calories.
Volume: 600 calories, yes. COHEN (voice-over): OK.
Let\'s go back and have a look.
The place where you drink water is volume.
Dense food like strawberries.
Rolls says water
Intensive food will fill you up and satisfy your hunger.
It\'s a good thing when you\'re on a diet, and the calories are low.
But keep in mind that you can\'t drink a glass of water and get the same effect. (on camera)
This is almost a little trick.
ROLLS: Yeah. Yeah.
Putting water into the food to cook, not just to drink with the food, helps meet your needs.
Now, this shows the real power of water.
Here you have exactly the same food, grapes and raisins, and if you choose to eat grapes instead of raisins, you will get a food that weighs eight times.
So if you look at it mentally, you will feel that there is more food here.
Same calories.
These are 100 calories.
Eating less calories will not make you feel hungry.
Well, it sounds good before you go to the vending machine to find carrots.
Let\'s face it, water.
Dense food is not as convenient as snacks and is often much more expensive.
But what we have to instill in them is that this is not a good value on the road ahead, because they will have more health problems, they may not end up making that much money in their profession, they will die prematurely, they will spend a lot of money on food products, they may need a few different wardrobes. COHEN (voice-over)
: So, according to Rolls, it\'s more calories and less health.
I\'m Elizabeth Cohen from Penn State University CNN. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Let me answer some of your questions.
Emails, including questions about diet pills.
But first of all, advertisers want to put their information in bottles, but some people find it a bit difficult to accept health ads. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Gupta: fitness waters are popular among top athletes and weekend warriors.
They are committed to the world, from a better endurance to a fast-growing power.
Liz Weiss is back now and poured a little cold water on herself. (Start Video)WEISS (voice-over)
: What is the best way to quench your thirst?
Unidentified woman: Usually I just go and drink regular water.
It\'s convenient for me to buy something free.
Wes: But despite the free flow of water, the water for fitness has sprung up.
This one promises strength and endurance, while the waters that add oxygen claim everything from extra energy to endurance and rapid hydration.
Deanna Conte is a nutritionist at the sports club. A. in Boston.
: It\'s more like an alternative to hydration.
If it tastes good and makes you feel better, of course, it is a good choice for regular water.
However, no research has shown that there are benefits.
While all the added oxygen and antioxidants are calories
Free, not always for some designers.
CONTE: Well, in this particular water, there are 50 calories per serving and 2 calories. 5 servings.
And that\'s 125 calories.
For those who want to lose weight and/or keep it, this may not be the best place to get calories.
Wes: adults need 64 ounces of liquid a day and need more if they are working out.
So, Conty says, if the fitness water is a cup of tea for you, drink it up, but don\'t expect any surge in energy.
I\'m Liz Weiss, who \"feels healthy. \" (END VIDEOTAPE)
GUPTA: Well, I really like getting emails.
Mail from many of you, we will give you our email after a whilemail address.
But first of all, there are a few problems in the e-mail bag this week.
The first question, is the protein diet really effective?
\"This is from J. J. Righa.
The protein diet has always been very controversial.
Called Atkins, the zone, Protein power, Sugar busters, and Stillman (ph)
All of these diets depend on low carb and high protein.
Most people think that, at least initially, you will lose weight and may even lower your cholesterol.
When your weight is stabilized, this problem may occur later on the road.
At the time, bad cholesterol may rise despite low weight.
Many of the ideas behind these ideas were once considered far-fetched, but are now considered more mainstream.
However, like other types of diet, many people find it difficult for them to stick to it and the weight will pick up.
If you don\'t try to be as healthy as possible first, there is no quick, easy way to lose weight.
The American diet Association recommends balanced diet and regular exercise.
The second question.
\"Is it really effective to burn fat and add energy to the promised supplement?
Is it dangerous for your health?
\"This came from Alexandria on the Campbell River in BC.
Alexandra, there is very little scientific evidence of these fats.
Burning, energy
Adding pills does work.
Fat-burning pills are generally a combination of some herbs --
They should increase energy while stimulating fat burning.
Most experts believe that there is little evidence that the effects of these products are minimal and are used only with proper diet and regular exercise.
Some ingredients can pose a risk to your health.
For example, it can actually raise blood pressure and even cause a heart attack or stroke.
All of these pills can work by increasing the metabolic rate.
The same effect can achieve safer and cheaper results by more exercise and less eating.
Well, I know many of you have other questions, maybe even some of them on today\'s show.
For more information about anything we have covered in the last half hour, please visit our website--that\'s at cnn. com/yourhealth.
Please don\'t forget to send us your \"ask doctor\" emailmails.
Let those come.
Your health address-one word --@cnn. com.
Thank you for joining us. I\'m Dr.
Until next week, remember that there is nothing more important than your health.
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