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Delayed departure;
Emmy Awards aired on July 14, 2005
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CNN anchor fredricka whitfield: Good morning, everyone.
Thank you for waking up with us.
Welcome to the second half-
At dawn.
Today I\'m Frederick Whitefield from Carol Costello.
Appear in the next 30 minutes.
In the middle of all this, Carl ROV is working overtime in the political cycle.
Our Jeff Greenfield will take a closer look.
And in the U. K.
Police are searching for the mastermind of last week\'s bombing.
We\'re leaving from London soon.
But first, \"now in the news.
Children killed in a suicide car bombing in Baghdad were buried today.
The explosion happened near the United States. S.
When the Army distributed candy to the children in Iraq, the Hummer. Twenty-
Seven people died, 18 of them children and one American. S. soldier.
A day ago, about 148 people were killed in a railway accident involving three trains, and the Pakistani authorities are working to identify the damaged body.
The accident was caused by human error.
At one of the terminals in MinneapolisSt.
Paul International Airport reopened after the evacuation.
Authorities say the bomb
The sniffing dog found suspicious smells in two vending machines, but did not find any.
Police say the dogs may feel the remnants of the fireworks.
And Chad, look at the weather. (WEATHER REPORT)
Chad Myers, cnn meteorologist: come back to you.
WHITFIELD: OK, thank you very much--Chad.
Miles: You\'re welcome.
WHITFIELD: London police have confirmed that four suicide bombers were killed in the explosion there last week.
At noon today, Londoners and Europeans, as a whole, stopped to commemorate the 52 killed.
Our Richard Quest is in Trafalgar Square, London. -Richard.
Richard quest, cnn correspondent: Good morning, Fredricka.
The silence of that moment, the silence of two minutes, will be noon London time, that is, 7: 00 in the morning. m. Eastern Time.
You and I are together in Trafalgar Square.
Of course, you can see two symbols of London, The Lion, the big lion, and many tourists like to climb up to take pictures.
Of course, there is the Whitehall, where we can see Big Ben and Westminster Bell, where the British government is located.
The city should remain silent at 12: 00.
Mayor Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, asked Londoners and tourists, basically anyone in the city, to leave what they were doing and come to the street.
They are very hopeful that this is not only a matter of silent reflection, Fredricka, but that people are seen as acts of solidarity.
That\'s why they united this London.
Late tonight, a vigil will be held at Trafalgar Square.
They want thousands of people to take to the streets again, Fredricka, to show their solidarity.
To introduce you to what we know, today, a week ago, almost this hour, more than 50 people died in a bomb explosion.
More than 50 people are still hospitalized, several of whom are seriously ill.
Police said four suicide bombers were involved and are still looking for a fifth man, possibly more.
However, no further details have been given so far.
A day of remembrance and investigation at Fredricka in London.
WHITFIELD: Richard, in general, how do Londoners react to the idea that the four suicide bombers are native British?
This is a surprising thing.
In fact, people have to accept that this is not something imported ---
It may be an input frenzy, an input extremism, but it strikes the roots of the British people in a large Muslim community in the UK, in general, in recent years, race relations are exemplary.
So what people are asking is how this can happen?
Fredricka, the community leader on both sides, is there any way to make up for this gap, because it is clear that there is indeed a gap now?
WHITFIELD: There are about 300 different languages used there in this city, which is very international.
QUEST: Indeed.
You know, I know someone about Leeds.
I grew up there.
I mean, it\'s not like--
Yes, it\'s not like some vague place on the map.
I mean, I know these places. . .
WHITFIELD: So it\'s important to you too.
I know where they say Hyde--
Whether it\'s Burnly (ph)or Hyde Park.
I know every area.
And in more than one
It is normal for the racial complex school to have Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Jews.
Around the school where I grew up is a part of it all.
However, the authorities and Tony Blair have again highlighted this, and this is not some of the import groups that are controlled through passports, they are here.
Who\'s with them now?
Who is the fifth, sixth, or seventh person who gave them these high explosives, and made this plan?
Because, frankly, Fredricka, I don\'t know anyone who thinks they have the ability to do it on their own.
WHITFIELD: that\'s exactly what the investigators said, they just carried out the plan.
Thank you very much for Richard Quest from Trafalgar Square.
Is he?
Those who know don\'t talk, those who don\'t talk are spinning.
Of course, we are talking about the intense rotation cycle of Carl ROV and sweeping Washington.
Last night, Democratic President Howard Dean was furious at a fundraiser in Wisconsin, asking who the president values more ---quote --
\"The intelligence personnel who defend the United States. . .
Or a political agent in Texas? \" --end quote.
Last night, counsel for Carl ROV issued a statement claiming that Mr. ROV did nothing wrong and that he would not be targeted after the special prosecutor reviewed all the evidence.
This is just the latest attack in an ongoing political battle.
CNN correspondent Jeff Greenfield is on patrol. (Start Video)
Brian Williams, abc news: Today is the topic of the day again at the White House.
The host of wolf coming: Carl ROV and the detector.
Unidentified male: So is he pulling away from ROV?
Jeff Greenfield, senior analyst at CNN (voice-over)
: If there is a new universal agreement in the ROV case, it is: if it is seen as a partisan or ideological battle, he will almost certainly survive.
If you have any questions, just look at how Republicans try to make sure that\'s how it looks.
The president insisted today on a \"under investigation\" response. GEORGE W.
US President Bush: we are conducting an investigation.
We are conducting an investigation.
Greenfield: President spokesman Scott McClellan spent another day in the bucket.
Question: The reality is that you are analyzing words and you have been doing it for a few days.
So, does the president think that Carl ROV is doing something wrong?
Greenfield: But top Republicans, led by president Ken Melman, ruthlessly put forward the first point of conversation distributed by the Republican National Committee on Tuesday.
The point is that Democrats are making blatant partisan political attacks.
Listen to part of Melman\'s first answer to Wolf blazer on Tuesday night.
RNC president ken mehlman: We see this as an unprecedented fact that people like John Kerry run for president;
Former first lady Hillary Clinton
Democratic President Howard Dean will follow the angry left.
Green space: After a while.
Melman: political slander is the people-
John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean and others.
Greenfield: After a while.
Not like Mrs. Melman.
Clinton and Dean are different.
Greenfield: Just in case the information is not clear.
Senator Clinton and what you heard from John Kerry.
At the same time, on MSNBC\'s \"Hard Ball\", former Bush assistant Tucker esky proposed the assessment.
Takeskew, FMR.
Deputy assistant Bush communications.
Please don\'t forget that Joe Wilson is a supporter of Kerry, a donor to Kerry.
Now, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are on his side defending Joe Wilson\'s argument.
GREENFIELD (on camera)
: Now, if this strategy looks familiar, it should be used very effectively by the last White House when it was attacked for the same reason.
If you can convince your supporters to focus on who is attacking you, not what they are talking about, then it is unlikely that your troops will defected. (voice-over)
: When the allegations about President Clinton\'s actions reached a critical mass, his wife published the now famous rebuttal on television.
Hillary Clinton, First Lady of the United States: This huge right wing-
Since the day my husband announced his candidacy for president, he has been plotting against him.
Bill Clinton, US president: I should not mislead this country.
Greenfield: These allegations have proven to be true.
Clinton\'s denial is between misleading and completely false.
But Democrats insist on him and are reluctant to give him and their political opponents a victory.
His presidency was saved. REP. NANCY PELOSI (D)
MINORITY Party leader: anyone who leaks the names of secret CIA agents should not be employed by the US government.
Greenfield: The more Democrats are asking him to step down in this matter, rather than simply asking for all the facts to be stated, the more Republicans want this to be seen as a political struggle, not as a matter of White House official behavior, this may be achieved. (on camera)
: One day, maybe in the future battle, in a fight like this, all the outstanding players will come forward and say we don\'t care about motivation, we just want to know what\'s going on.
Don\'t hold your breath.
Jeff Greenfield, CNN, New York. (END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: will come back this morning, Texas searchers say they won\'t leave Aruba until they--quote --
\"In their hearts, they did everything for Natalie Holloway.
\"We will update you on their plans.
But first, look at what news is left this Thursday morning. (
Business break)
Your News, money, weather and sports.
It\'s 43 minutes in an hour.
This is all new this morning.
The judge in Aruba will decide today whether to arrest the two brothers again in connection with the disappearance of Natali Holloway.
Meanwhile, the search team in Texas, after searching for the missing Alabama teenager for more than three weeks, may return home as early as this weekend.
She has been missing for nearly a month and a half.
In terms of money, it is expected that the first trial will be held today against the manufacturer of the painkiller Vickers.
The case was an illegal death lawsuit filed by a woman in Texas and her husband used Vickers.
Merck, the drug maker, has more than 3,800 pending cases.
Crazy Cooter doesn\'t like swearing in culture.
Former Georgia congressman Ben Jones, who plays Kurt in the TV show Duke of Hazard, remember?
He is urging fans not to watch the film.
He says there\'s too much swearing and sex here.
In sports, he is still wearing the team leader\'s yellow shirt.
Lance Armstrong is 38 seconds ahead of today\'s 12-stage Tour de France.
In the weather, now, what, only 40 seconds ahead, and a whole minute ahead before that?
I don\'t know.
But, you know, he\'s really good in the mountains.
I don\'t think there will be any problems from now on.
When they come back in the last few stages, we have to look at it.
However, his teammates helped him a lot this year as usual.
So we have a lot of people in the top 10. (WEATHER REPORT)
WHITFIELD: OK, Chad. Thank you very much.
MYERS: Sure.
WHITFIELD: we will have to wait longer when the shuttle flies again.
Is the aging shuttle fleet too old to continue safely into space?
Miles O\'Brien will answer this question directly. ahead. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: it takes longer for discovery to return to space.
A technical problem caused NASA to cancel yesterday\'s launch just a few hours before the flight.
So the mission is going to last at least until Saturday.
CNN\'s space correspondent Miles O\'Brien has learned more about the delay and future of the space shuttle. (Start Video)
Miles O\'Brien, CNN space correspondent (voice-over): Two-and-a-
$1 for half a year.
Improved 5 billion later, or your dad\'s space mobile.
A process to get oversold and underfunded from get-
Go ahead, the shuttle is still a moody beast, constantly testing the courage of its owner.
Wayne Hale, Deputy NASA program manager: I can only say shucks.
We are leaving today.
We have been working hard to get ready and we have a problem.
This is a clear violation of launch standards.
O\'Brien: On this day, it was found to provide a problem, screaming to pay attention.
The key sensor to detect when rocket fuel runs out is stuck.
The main engine may turn off or dry if the crew starts, which is for high-
It is possible to dry the pressure pump of the contents of the swimming pool in 25 seconds.
Hale: you don\'t want to dry those pumps either.
At this point you can cause serious damage to the engine.
We never tested it.
This is just a bad practice.
You don\'t want.
O\'Brien: So it took the task manager about five minutes to decide not to light the candle and have seven astronauts pack their bags.
Unidentified men: long faces around the control center and the scene.
Everyone is looking forward to flying today.
O\'Brien: the engineers of the space shuttle are now doing some serious trouble-
Shot on discovery, the first flight in 1984.
NASA director Michael Griffin: in my 80 s, I had a mod mission that had been scrubbed 14 times before we finally took it off the mat.
Nothing about this.
Unidentified men: three, two, one.
O\'Brien: NASA\'s boss, Mike Griffin, has philosophy and practice on the old, fragile fleet of space shuttles.
He is determined to send the remaining three shuttles to Smithsonian by 2010 to clear the way for a new generation of space vehiclesS.
Astronauts return to the moon and Mars.
Randy Avila, a former NASA engineer: So we have to rethink our entire national plan, where we invest money, time, Labor and the most important resources that are the people of the United States.
Not only are we those who are looking for answers and solutions, our international partners also want to know what we will do about it.
O\'Brien: That\'s the problem: NASA is committed to building an international space station with 15 other partner countries.
So far, the shuttle has completed all the heavy tasks.
But Griffin administrators are looking at how unmanned rockets can be used on the space station, for example, to reduce the space shuttle schedule.
Griffin: We think we can have about 20 flights to take off before the 2010 retirement dates requested by President Bush.
We are now looking to see what these flights should carry, and what the order of assembly of the ISS should be, given the order of flight.
But we have about 20. O\'BRIEN (on camera)
: The shuttle fleet flies about 24-four times a year-
The year history of the project.
However, the orbiter is not getting younger and the problems will continue to arise.
Mike Griffin said he would adjust the flight schedule instead of delaying his retirement date.
This is the beginning of the end of an era, and some will say that it has been a long time since.
CNN correspondent Miles O\'Brien reports at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: Watch the amazing salvage operation of Hurricane Dennis underwater for the new next hour.
But first of all, stay if you want to know the frontrunner for the Emmy.
We will have abc who is leading this team. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: the golden time Emmy nomination will be announced in three hours.
The woman in Wigan Lane will not be left behind by Amy\'s jealousy, which seems to be a bet for sure.
CNN\'s vara Vargas has been watching Hollywood. (Start Video)
Unidentified male: You are the first person to pass by nearby.
Actress Terry Harcher: really?
Susan knows she\'s lucky.
CNN correspondent sibila vargas (voice-over)
: The Emmy nomination is expected to be held this morning at Widodo Lane.
The popular ABC episode Desperate Housewives is considered a comedy, and some critics are surprised by it.
TV critic lynette rice: I mean a guy died this season.
He died of anesthesia.
It doesn\'t seem very interesting to me, I mean knee-slapper.
Woman: We do whatever you want us to do.
Vargas: Women in Wigan Lane are also likely to be the best actress.
Rice: wouldn\'t be surprised if we saw four of those nominations and then the only adopter went to Patricia Heaton.
This is the best idea I have ever heard.
Another ABC show, Lost, is expected to be nominated for best drama.
This could help ABC eclipse HBO take control of the recent Emmy nomination.
During the qualifying period, the favorite \"underworld family\" of Emmy Awards in the past was not broadcast.
There is no \"suppression of your enthusiasm.
Rice: It\'s time for HBO to sit in the back seat of the Emmy.
Let others win something for change.
But don\'t count HBO.
The play \"dead wood\" and the comedy \"Entourage\" are being nominated.
Comedy categories have been widely opened this year and past favorites include Fraser, Friends and Sex and City.
New faces may include \"Gilmore Girls\", \"Scrubs\" or other series.
Rice: \"Two and a Half Men\" is a solid performance.
Very well done.
I think this is a good opportunity.
VARGAS: in the real race category, the \"Amazing Race\" is the most popular, and ABC\'s \"limit makeover: Family Edition\" is also on the shortlist, this may help bring the network back to Emmy.
CNN reports from Hollywood. (END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: who is the frontrunner for the Primetime Emmy?
In the coming dawn time, we will get the views of some experts.
And stick to our \"American Morning\" and announcement live Eastern at 8: 30 this morning.
The next hour of Dawn begins. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: It\'s Thursday, July 14.
London is a week of mourning, recovery and routine.
A week after the terrorist bombing, we will be returning to London to tell you what\'s different on Thursday.
The launch of the space shuttle was suspended.
Is the aging spaceship fleet suitable for service?
There was also corporate fraud, and a judge sent a tough message in sentencing the former CEO of WorldCom Bernie ebbs.
Good Morning, everyone.
We will go live at Trafalgar Square in London in a short time.
In addition, Dennis is not a threat of 100%.
You have seen the loss.
Now look at the progress of underwater.
TV stars will wait by their cell phones this morning.
Today is the Emmy nomination day.
Let\'s see who\'s the boss.
But first, \"now in the news.
Two suicide bombers attacked a checkpoint in Baghdad.
Strengthen the green area.
One is driving, the other is wearing an explosive vest.
Five people were injured, some of them seriously.
Police in Baghdad say a third suicide bomber is among the injured.
People are upset about the police shooting a man under the age of 19 over the weekend. month-
An old girl appeared at the scene of the protest in Los Angeles last night.
Prior to the protest, it was reported that the child had died from a gunshot wound to an officer\'s rifle.
At one of the terminals in MinneapolisSt.
Paul International Airport reopened after the evacuation.
Authorities say the bomb
The sniffing dog found suspicious smells in two vending machines, but did not find any.
And Chad, everybody\'s staring at Emily.
Miles: It\'s totally right on Emily. (WEATHER REPORT)
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