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Sandarski is ready to testify.
Stopping the chain reaction in Europe in June 20, 2012
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Ahli Banfield, cnn host: anger and chaos in Egypt.
Overnight, protests against the military seizing power in the country followed by conflicting reports about the health of former President Hosni Mubarak.
CNN host zoraida sambolin: in the North Sea, a Russian vessel believed to have carried an attack helicopter to Syria may have turned around and it is heading home.
Banfield: the heat in the NBA finals driver\'s seat.
LeBron James is now only one victory away from his first title.
I\'m excited.
LeBron James.
The whole team, LeBron James.
I know, but don\'t everyone think LeBron James is the heat?
Guys, it\'s hot.
Good Morning, everyone.
It was a pleasure to have you with us at this very, very early start.
I\'m Ashley Banfield.
This is Zoraida SAMBOLIN.
We bring you the news from A to Z. It\'s 5:00 a. m.
It\'s in the east.
Let\'s get --
Yes, right?
Yes, Ashley and Zola Ida.
It\'s 5:00 a. m. in the East.
Let\'s start here.
It will never grow old, it will never grow old.
So, let\'s start with the development news from Egypt this morning about the health of former President Mubarak.
With regard to his actual situation, we have received conflicting reports.
A state news agency reported 84-year-
Old clinical death.
But his lawyer said he was in a coma.
The military says Mubarak is in critical condition.
But he is alive.
All this chaos is happening at a very critical time in Egypt.
Thousands of people gathered overnight in Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest military leaders who were supposed to oversee the transition to democracy.
Instead, they are grabbing more power.
Ivan Watson lives in Cairo.
Ivan, what is the latest situation for Mubarak?
CNN International correspondent Ivan Watson: the latest news is that, as far as we know, his wife Suzanne has been able to visit his bedside at his military prison ---
It was the military hospital he was transferred.
He appears to be receiving life support after a heart attack, recovery, and possibly a stroke.
However, we did not get any more information.
No press conference, no similar.
Some of the Egyptians I was talking to expressed frustration about this.
They are saying that Jesus this guy could be on the verge of death, no doctor came out to give us more information, like a controversial statement from the official Egyptian news agency MENA, saying he was dead
Egyptians were a little frustrated by the lack of information about their former president.
Do you think his death will have any effect on there?
Watson: You know, I\'m sure the Egyptians will be fascinated and changed by the images of funerals of people who have ruled their country for nearly 30 years.
But I think, to a large extent, they are very worried about the impact on the economy over the past year and a half, about who will run the country next year.
I mean, as the whole country waits to find out who won the presidential election last weekend, and concerns about where the country is heading, news of Mubarak suffering from a health emergency is coming.
It doesn\'t even have a constitution right now.
Parliament was just dissolved last week.
So as the country waits to find out the next president, there is now a constitutional and legislative vacuum.
They are not too worried now that their former president has been ruthlessly ousted.
SAMBOLIN: So, let\'s talk about all the protesters who appear in Tahrir Square, what exactly are they protesting, what are their expectations.
Watson: Well, to a large extent, these people were there last night until around 3: 00 in the morning, and thousands of people were supporters of the presidential candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood.
His name is Mohammed Morsi.
Despite his opponent, former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik of Mubarak, who also claimed victory, his camp has won elections with 52% of the vote.
State media reported the number of people who had won Mohammed Morsi.
The men were there to celebrate what they thought was a candidate\'s victory, but also to say no to military rule.
Because for the past few days it has been a power grab by the ruling military commission, with extensive legislative and administrative powers, and has been added in the process of drafting a new constitution ---Zoraida.
We saw a repeat of the deadly conflict?
Do you think this might be the result here?
Watson: I think people are concerned about it, but there is also some energy, and the street protests that have rocked Egypt for a year and a half have dissipated some.
Many of the original revolutionary we saw in Tahrir Square in January and February were deeply disappointed and angry at the political process here ---
Angry at back-office deals between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, and also angry at the military\'s recent power race.
I think some of them have admitted that street protests are not the only answer to Egypt.
But it is worrying that the military commission\'s power capture is killing revolutionary enthusiasm and enthusiasm a year and a half ago.
Ivan Watson lives in Cairo for us. -
Thank you very much.
At 7: 00 eastern time, former ambassador to Egypt, Daniel Kurtz, will weigh on the \"starting point\" the possibility that a dictator might die, as Ivan Watson suggests, is there a danger to democracy there, and what failure means to America.
Banfield: five minutes have passed now.
President Obama has returned to the United States. S.
Back in Washington this morning.
This after G.
20 summits are being held in Mexico.
World leaders meet to discuss financial issues in Europe.
President Obama said he believes Europe can return to the track of cooperation with the United States. S.
The economy and his campaign hopes.
Our foreign correspondent, Jill Doherty, has been following this summit.
She lives in Washington with me now.
So there\'s no big consensus.
The president broadcast the news conference on television last night.
In terms of how leaders get out of trouble, there is no great report.
Jill Doughty, cnn foreign affairs correspondent: Yes.
Unfortunately, I think this is very accurate.
Not much detail.
They are talking about general talk.
Basically, what they are saying is that we support European integration.
That means something good, that is, a coordinated banking union.
Also created an idea to create the FDIC that we have in the US is a guarantee of the money you deposit into the bank.
But, in general, they say, look, we won\'t spend money to help our economy unless things really go south.
This is what President Obama explained. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Barack Obama: What I encourage them to do is to set a framework for their goals in strengthening European integration to address the financial pressures facing sovereign states.
Even if they can\'t achieve all the goals at once, I think it can provide confidence and break the fever if people know something about where they\'re going. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Doherty: fever.
It sounds serious.
Because, you know, there are different philosophies in Europe.
Germany is tough, you know.
Other countries want more spending.
So, at least you have an overall view, but not a lot of really picky-gritty.
And fame.
You know, you listen to Ali Velshi, Christine Romans talking about the weakest link in the chain, and how the chain runs across the Atlantic to us, and the corps group was very strict with the president last night.
They pushed him to the situation in the United States, especially jobs.
Each of us may be at 401 of us (k)in some way.
But when it turns into the economy here and the employment here, what is his answer?
Doherty: there is a direct connection that has to be admitted.
He was asked if his election would fail because of Europe?
He did not get there completely.
But he did.
That\'s what he said. (
Start Video Editing)
Obama: slower growth in Europe means slower job growth in the United States.
If we take the right policy steps, if we do the right thing, then politics will follow.
My thoughts have not changed at this point. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Doherty: You know, Ashley, really, there\'s a debate here in Europe, too.
Are you spending money to solve a big problem or are you getting tough and looking for austerity?
The debate is there. It\'s here.
We will see them. -
How they move forward.
The world is flat.
We are all having the same debate.
There is no correct answer if you ask.
Thanks, Jill Doughty. Good work.
SAMBOLIN: nine minutes in an hour.
New information is reported about a Russian ship carrying military helicopters to Syria.
It seems to have gone home this morning.
But another ship carrying weapons may be on its way.
According to British officials, the original ship has changed its route after a dispute over international headlines.
No comments were made by Russian officials.
Pentagon officials also told CNN that Russia could send another ship carrying weapons, with ammunition and a small number of Russian troops heading to Syria as the situation got out of control to help strengthen its naval base there.
Banfield: CNN learned that Jerry sandarski is ready to testify at today\'s child sexual abuse trial.
The defense is expected to close this afternoon.
But before that, the lawyer of the former Penn State assistant football coach had to make a big decision: did they let him appear?
You can hear the closing statement as early as tomorrow.
Soon after that, the case will be brought to the jury.
SAMBOLIN: Attorney General Eric Holder may find himself commercially dismissive of congressional citations today.
A meeting by Hord and chairman of the House Supervisory Committee Darrell Isa failed to resolve the dispute over botched, quick and angry stinging action.
Isa said he asked for more documents related to speed and anger related to the death of Border Patrol personnel.
But Holder did not deliver.
So they plan to vote in contempt.
Banfield: it\'s right here.
Gas prices fell overnight-
Don\'t you like to listen over and over again?
It is also a big autumn this time. A full cent.
At present, the national average price per gallon of unleaded gasoline is $3. 49.
This is the eighth consecutive decline.
Before that, there was a big drop.
We have just doubled.
So the average price fell by 63 cents.
More than 15% higher than the July record ($4. 11.
So, that\'s pretty good.
SAMBOLIN: Usually at this time of the year, we\'re talking about something more expensive.
She claimed that she was groped at the airport checkpoint.
Next, the idea of a woman turning over the table on TSA how to get her into big trouble legally. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
It\'s been 15 minutes at the top of an hour now.
We have a record high temperature and will be scorched northeast today on the first day of summer. Happy summer.
Sadly, the high point will be in the middle
If you are in the area, in your 90 s.
Yesterday it was a baker in Cleveland and the Midwest.
The dangerous heat wave is approaching D. C.
Philadelphia, New York.
Rob Marciano is no stranger to the heat because he came to us from Atlanta.
Interestingly, we always talk about these record heat waves and how we crash at temperatures above 90 degrees.
But this is often the case with you.
Rob Marciano, ams meteorologist: Yes.
But in fact, Atlanta will be cooler than everyone in the northeast.
Everything is moving in the south and east.
And it will be very comfortable.
So, come down.
I\'m in the air-
The conditional studio is always good.
Here is the number of states that have received hot consultation today.
A group of them.
I can count from Maine to eight or nine in the middle. Atlantic.
Some parts of Philadelphia are expected to have some dangerous heat.
Outside of New York and Boston, I think this will make a record.
High temperature from 90 degrees to 100 degrees.
Remember, these are measured under shadows.
When we were in our 60 s, we had a dew point.
So the thermal index sometimes feels more like 105,110 today.
So, this is for sure, especially for the first time this season.
In many cities, we do not see temperatures rising more than 90 degrees.
So, because your body is not used to it, it will feel hotter than that. Ninety-
Boston is expected to have eight today. Tomorrow, 96.
Not really cooling.
New York City, 96--
Reached 98 degrees in the next few days.
So we have two days. degree-
Plus the heat in big cities from Boston to WashingtonC.
We won\'t really calm down until we get close to the weekend.
Then it will be a gentle cool.
Some parts of the Midwest may have severe storms. There you go.
We\'re moving everything in the southeast.
The heat pump moves northeast from the Great Lakes.
Do you want to cool down?
Come to Highland.
Come back to you guys.
Banfield: Holland tower in coolanta.
Yes, cool.
My friend, I will accept the invitation at any time. Thank you.
MARCIANO: come on. See you.
SAMBOLIN: 17 minutes from here.
Let\'s keep you up to date.
Kristen Roman made headlines this morning.
Christine Roman, cnn business correspondent: Good morning, ladies.
News from Egypt this morning
When their former dictator was lying in bed, the Egyptians were fighting for power.
We are waiting for Hu hosni Mubarak to be dead or alive this morning.
A state news agency reported 84-year-
After a stroke and was declared clinically dead, old is receiving life support.
Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square to tell the military to hand over power.
A former TSA staff member faces battery charges for allegedly fumbling for a supervisor at Florida airportdown.
All of them were recorded.
This is Carol Price (ph)
On last April, he was photographed at Southwest Florida International Airport for two minutes.
She was very dissatisfied with the treatment of her former colleagues. She went to the TSA supervisor to complain. It seems that she was groping for him to express her discontent.
Price will also face charges of rejecting an official and will appear in court on July 3.
A man in northeast Ohio has been arrested on suspicion of building meth inside Wal-Mart. Mart.
Store security said 37-year-
Old James Richardson, who was there, put the meth ingredients in the cart, then put them in the salt bottle, he pulled them down from the shelf and shook the container.
It is clear that this is a method called shaking and baking.
He was arrested when he tried to leave the store.
The Miami Heat is now only one victory away from the NBA championship.
They beat the Thunder 104.
98 take a command 3-1 series lead.
LeBron James led nine rebounds with 26 points, 12 assists.
At home tomorrow night, the Heat can end with Game 5.
History is on their side.
Never a team from 3-
The first defeat in the NBA Finals
Hey, but this is the first time. -
Thunder fans, everything is the first time.
Yes, yes, Christine.
Keep hope alive.
SAMBOLIN: Thank you.
ROMANS: You\'re welcome.
18 minutes passed.
We saw the local news very early, which is making headlines across the country.
First, at WCCO in Minneapolis, a man in intensive care in a hospital was hit on his face by a Minni aporith city special police officer.
Look at the picture.
A friend of the victim said that Sergeant David Clifford attacked the man because he spoke loudly on his cell phone on the bar terrace. (
Start Video Editing)
Victim\'s friend mike archambault: he has a 15-
Step by step, jump, Superman punch in, and shout something on the way in and let him turn around. (END VIDEO CLIP)
The victim underwent two brain surgeries and is still in the intensive care unit.
Clifford eventually turned himself in and he faced charges of personal assault.
I want to bring you to Los Angeles. A. now.
One of the stories you always shake your head.
Apparently, Octomom and her 14 children are now close to being homeless.
Nadya Suleman\'s house was foreclosed after no bid was made on L\'s houseA.
At the auction yesterday.
She made a porn video last month.
Still, she was unable to pay the mortgage for the property.
The house was officially returned to the bank.
From Boston.
As if they had cooked it.
Six rare orange lobsters appear in goods shipped to a deli in Memphis, Massachusetts.
When the crew unloaded, a single 100-
This guy thinks someone put the cooked lobster with the live one.
But they all live well.
A spokesman for the New England Aquarium said there was a chance of one out of every 10 million lobsters.
BANFIELD: It\'s strange to see them move.
Because when you see a lobster like this, it\'s usually on your plate and doesn\'t move.
Ready for dinner.
So its moving is creepy.
All of our top stories can be seen on our blog. It\'s easy. It\'s CNN. com/EarlyStart.
Wall Street is watching one person closely today.
Will Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announce new measures to boost the economy?
Christine Roman looks forward.
This is coming. (
Business break)
Banfield: look at the beautiful picture over New York.
This is the southwest corner of Central Park.
There\'s nothing better than this.
Even if the weather is a bit cloudy.
This is likely to burn today.
We will reach level 92.
SAMBOLIN: it will be very hot.
This morning is a good answer for you.
BANFIELD: The heat index in Manhattan is about 100 degrees.
Look at your old neighbor.
This is a good idea.
Christine, what\'s the name of this song?
Romans: \"Wait for a friend.
Mick Jagger is \"waiting for the Fed \".
You know why we are doing this, because everyone is waiting for the Fed this morning.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will hold a press conference at 2: 15 today. m.
Eastern Washington.
Kristen Roman chose the song.
Is the Fed your friend at this point?
Romans: Well, I tell you, many people say that the Fed is the only game in town.
Politics around the world has paralyzed the government.
You focus on growth and people want more growth.
You see, let\'s talk about the Fed today.
Ben Bernanke attended the Fed meeting today.
He will hold a press conference later today.
He will answer questions about what the Fed is doing and what the Fed can do to keep the economy prosperous, or at least to keep the economy from slipping.
There\'s something else on the Fed\'s toolbox.
We are now doing something called a distorted action.
It may expire on June 30.
Many expect the Fed to extend its distorted operations, essentially adding more stimulus to the system.
QE3, QE2, QE1, these are more stimuli into the system.
Some people would say that when you look at how low interest rates are, even so, our economy is a bit hard to get out of it, you know, we need another one ---
We need more quantitative easing.
Quantitative easing is the meaning of quantitative easing.
But most people tell me that they don\'t think qe3 is likely to show up.
BANFIELD: What is the difference between QE and twisting operations?
Romans: It\'s a different way.
The twist does not add to the Fed\'s balance sheet.
More popular politically
They can then change their interest rate forecasts, which some say is impossible.
We will pay close attention.
Tomorrow I will parse what happened for you and I want to parse G-for you too-20 statement. I took the G-
Communiqué of G-20
20 leaders of Los Cabos, Mexico.
We put it in a place called the word cloud.
This is Wordle.
So, we\'re trying to come down to what it all means, there\'s a word here that\'s very important to me20 communique.
The word growth.
\"Look at it on the left side of the screen ---growth.
This is what every leader in the world wants.
They want to know how to grow.
When you grow up, you have a job. The G-
20. Pay close attention to how slow Europe is growing and how slow the United States is growing. S.
Because we are--wow.
Europe is so important to the United States. S.
Our exit.
The president has said.
I \'ve been talking for weeks.
If your growth in Europe is slow, then your employment growth in the United States will be slow.
Growth is the first word.
When you look at these very, you know, the diplomatic wording of G-
Growth is the most important thing, the communique said.
Banfield: when I see the word cloud, all I can see is growth.
I believe what you say.
Thank you, Christine.
Banfield: Okay.
Thank you. Christine
Mitt Romney spoke loudly after a report claimed that Florida Senator Marco rupee was reviewed as vice president and was not on the shortlist of candidates.
Then, all of a sudden, no, it\'s not true.
No way, no how.
How can we change this?
Why is it so long?
After that, I heard from two people. (
Business break)
Ready to testify.
Jerry sandarski\'s lawyer can get him to defend himself today.
BANFIELD: a desperate call for help.
Rodney King was found dead on 911 tape at the backyard pool.
The case has been closed.
The grand jury refused to sue a Texas father who killed another man while trying to protect his daughter.
Welcome to start as soon as possible.
We are so glad you are with us.
This is Zoraida Sambolin.
Banfield: Good morning, everyone. Thirty-
One minute in an hour.
I\'m Ashley Banfield.
Let\'s start with this.
Will he testify?
Today, all eyes will be on the court in the Jerry sandarsky case, as CNN has learned that the former assistant football coach at Penn State is ready, and ready to stand.
Now, does he really do this and will not decide until the last minute when the defendant is expected to make a decision and then close the defense case.
Yesterday, however, his 45-year-old wife, Dottie Sandusky, did appear in court and she faced up to 45 minutes of questioning.
She told the jurors that many plaintiffs had been to their homes for years and that she had never witnessed any inappropriate contact between the plaintiff and her husband.
CNN Correspondent Susan Candiotti is live this morning at Belfonte, Pennsylvania.
Susan, talk to me about the possibility of Jerry sandarski appearing in court, because obviously the jury has a lot of questions after hearing two different aspects of the story.
Susan Candiotti, cnn national correspondent: of course they will, Ashley. Good morning.
I can tell you this.
His lawyer worked with him.
They prepared him.
They asked him questions.
So he\'s ready.
But, as usual, the lawyer did not make the decision until the last second.
That\'s what they\'re going to do today.
You know, the question is, can he stick to a difficult intersection? examination?
So one thing I want to know is, somehow, can they control him?
Can they limit him to certain issues?
Is this possible?
Because as we have seen in the past, when he was interviewed, it was at least possible to say that he had some trouble.
But yesterday they tried to attack the investigators in the case, accusing them of trying to guide the young man, and the defense was really very strong, the plaintiff who came forward.
They also defended some of the role witnesses who all called Jerry sandarski an amazing person, including a woman, she said she did not hear anything in her trial testimony that would change her mind.
That\'s what she told Anderson Cooper. (
Start Video Editing)
Anderson Cooper, cnn anchor: any explanation? -
In your opinion, why did Jerry sandass bath naked with a little boy and with a little boy?
Joyce Potter, Jerry Sanders\'s friend: I think a lot of people are working out.
They are playing basketball.
Then they go to the bath.
Where is this little boy that Mike mcquiley should see?
If there\'s a witness saying this happened, why wouldn\'t he come forward?
Cooper: So, can\'t you see why someone doesn\'t stand up and talk about the possible causes of sexual abuse they suffered as a child?
PORTER: I --I don\'t know. (END VIDEO CLIP)
CANDIOTTI: Now, this woman, when she got up and down from the stands yesterday, she patted Jerry sandarski on the shoulder and walked past him ---Ashleigh.
I learned from reports in court that Jerry\'s wife, Doty, blinked at him before he appeared to testify.
This is a very difficult problem.
You know, once the defense has passed their inquiry, it\'s an easy part and the prosecutor has to come back.
This is a woman who has been married to him for 45 years.
At this point, she is not legally charged with any form of collusion.
What is that like?
How did the prosecutor try to mitigate what she said to the defense?
CANDIOTTI: Well, I \'d say they\'re pretty gentle with her.
I mean, you can only go that far.
As you said just now, it\'s a good line if you start attacking your wife.
However, they do ask her as many sharp questions as possible.
She was very cool and the whole process was quiet.
She firmly defended her husband for more than 45 years.
She insisted that she had never seen any misconduct.
She said she never heard any shouts from the basement.
She said that --
She admitted that her husband did put the children to bed.
At least she said he--
He said good night to them.
She also has a different story about what happened after a young man testified. -
Doti sandarski interrupted him and her husband while sexually assaulted him in the hotel room.
She said that when she walked into the room and said what had happened, her husband yelled at the boy because he refused to go for an expensive lunch.
That\'s why.
And she said she--
She also accused another young man of allowing them, one of whom stayed at home.
Susan, you know, sometimes, less is more.
A prosecutor, just left it there and said what else would she say?
I mean--
You can leave a deafening silence, which is equally influential.
Susan Candiotti lives for us in Belfonte, Pennsylvania. Thank you.
SAMBOLIN: developing news from Egypt.
Conflicting reports that ousted President Hu hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life imprisonment two weeks ago.
A state news agency reported that 84-year-
The former dictator shown in his trial was receiving life support after a stroke and was declared clinically dead.
Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square to tell the military to hand over power.
Banfield: President Obama has proposed a chain reaction to stop the European debt crisis. The G-
At the 20 summit last night, he encouraged EU leaders to focus on a long-term
Euro short term vision while shorting
Economic restoration.
President Obama also brought it back to the most basic question, explaining why Europe\'s troubles mean America\'s troubles. S. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Barack Obama: Europe as a whole is our biggest trading partner.
If there are fewer and fewer people buying goods in Paris or Berlin, this means that we are selling fewer goods in Pittsburgh or Cleveland.
All these problems, economic problems, may have a certain impact on the election.
But this is not my biggest concern right now. (END VIDEO CLIP)
BANFIELD: It\'s the season for the summit, as EU leaders plan to hold their own summit next week.
Crazy and painful.
Rodney King\'s fiancee Cynthia Kelly (ph)
Obviously upset, obviously painful.
Last Sunday, when she found out that King was unresponsive at the bottom of the pool, she made a desperate call to 911.
During the 5 1/2 minute call, Kelly told the dispatcher that she was trying to wake the King up by throwing a shovel into the water.
She also said that she could not pull him out herself because she did not know how to swim. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: How old is he?
Unidentified woman: Rodney King, the man who was beaten by the police!
Woman: OK. How old is he?
He is 47 years old.
He is at the bottom of the pool.
I don\'t know how to swim.
Unidentified woman: did he come out of the pool or is he still in the pool?
Woman: Yes.
I fell asleep and heard something falling off the table.
Then I looked and then I went to him and he was at the bottom of the pool. (END VIDEO CLIP)
SAMBOLIN: on the phone, Kelly repeatedly begged the dispatcher to hurry up.
She said, quoting \"Oh my God\" over and over again, she said she needed to hang up the phone in order to call her mom.
The call ended as Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene.
BANFIELD: a father in Texas is killing a 47-year-
He caught sexually assaulting his five-year-old man. year-old daughter.
The father was not named to protect the identity of the young victim.
Police said that on June 9, when he walked into a barn on the ranch, he witnessed a man on top of his screaming \"Little Five --year-
Then kill the man.
This is the district attorney investigating the case. (
Start Video Editing)
Heather mcminn, District Attorney: lethal force is authorized and justified in order to prevent serious sexual assault or sexual assault.
All the evidence provided by the Sheriff\'s Department and the Texas Rangers indicates that, in fact, this is happening when the victim\'s father arrives at the scene. (END VIDEO CLIP)
BANFIELD: the details of the case are crucial.
After the incident, the little girl was allegedly examined in the hospital.
The authorities then said that the forensic evidence collected at the hospital was evidence of the father\'s story, which was collected in witness testimony.
SAMBOLIN: Despite reports to the contrary, Mitt Romney insisted Florida Senator Marco Rubio was reviewed as a possible running mate in November.
After ABC News reported yesterday that Rubio had not been reviewed, there must have been a lot of buzz.
The popular senator looked uncomfortable discussing the issue last night on Fox News, as Romney soon took the story off. (
Start Video Editing)
Presidential candidate: the story is completely false.
As part of our process, Marco Rubio is undergoing a thorough review. SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R)
Florida: Yes, it\'s an interesting day.
Look, I don\'t want to talk about the process, you know.
I haven\'t said that yet.
This is Governor Romney\'s procedure.
I want to respect that.
I think all of us should respect the process and all of us involved in politics should respect it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
ABC News reports quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Rubio did not-
Or have not been asked to hand over any financial documents that the vice presidential candidate normally needs to review.
BANFIELD: when it comes to presidential politics, don\'t expect those booing wars to end during the campaign, because Mitt Romney\'s camp refuses to tell staff not to bother him during the Obama campaign.
Even though the president\'s top strategist condemned Mr. Romney\'s hecklers for flooding his bus trip last weekend, that\'s all.
Romney said it would be a good thing if it could be solved, but he said, \"not sure if this is possible.
\"Sambolin: Mitt Romney sent his son in.
Conan O\'Brien needs a bigger couch because five of Romney\'s boys, Ted, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig, will all be on Conan together.
This will happen tonight.
BANFIELD: they should be responsible to the higher authority, but on the contrary, the person behind the Hebrew National hot dog will be responsible to the judge.
Guys, there\'s a lawsuit. Find out why. (
Business break)
Good morning, Boston.
There is a beautiful lens.
Try to figure out what your weather will look like today. Hot.
It\'s probably burnt.
Banfield: dark. Very dark. (LAUGHTER)
SAMBOLIN: I\'m sorry.
Rob Marciano, are you standing by and telling us what the weather is like? No?
Rob marciano, ams meteorologist: Yes, I am.
You\'re here.
Hot, hot.
It\'s going to be steaming, actually.
As you mentioned earlier, Zola Ida, all of us will have summer this evening.
So, the longest day of the year.
It will also be the hottest for many people.
The heat in the West is now beginning to change.
Yesterday, 109 kilometers away in McComb, NE.
It was the second day in a row that they reached out to 109 people.
In Pueblo, Colorado, 104, Detroit, Michigan, 95 degrees.
This is a record high.
The heat pump brought everything from the Gulf of Mexico.
Some humidity comes with it.
Now, it\'s a way to turn right into the middle.
Atlantic and Northeastern states.
This is today\'s forecast high. Ninety-
There are expected to be 4 people in Boston, 96 people in Central Park, and possibly D. 100 people. C. and Philly.
Of course, this does not include humidity.
Measure these temperatures in the shade
We won\'t see much relief tomorrow.
I don\'t think we will be relieved until the weekend.
New York City is expected to be 90 degrees tomorrow, and Philadelphia will be 92 degrees.
It\'s clear that humidity can cause damage to your body.
This, in addition, is the first real heat wave in northeast China this time of year.
This will cause more serious damage to your body.
So, from Maine all the way to the middle, heat warnings and heat warnings have been issued in eight to nine statesAtlantic.
So, it will be a difficult process.
The front is a bit cold but it is weak and it is trying to cross the Midwest.
But it will not go northeast until the weekend.
In some cases, the next two days will be very hot.
Mike Cook?
109 in the state of NE?
MARCIANO: how about it? Yes.
Banfield: how is it possible? Nebraska.
It\'s very hot in newara.
The summer there was hard.
Banfield: 109 though. Mercy.
SAMBOLIN: Yes. Stay hydrated.
And, you know, it\'s really a good suggestion, Christine said earlier, to look at the elderly.
SAMBOLIN: Thank you. Thanks, Rob. Forty-
Now 7 minutes more than 5: 00 from the East Coast.
Speaking of Christine, she worked very hard this morning and was well hydrated to get to the headlines of the day. Hello, there.
Christine Roman, cnn business correspondent: Good morning.
Many things happened overnight. (Start Video)ROMANS (voice-over)
A dying dictator and a struggling democracy.
Egypt\'s reports of ousted President Hu hosni Mubarak contradict each other this morning.
A state news agency reported that 84-year-
In his trial, the former dictator appeared here, and he was receiving life support after suffering a stroke and being declared a clinical death.
Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square to tell the military to hand over power.
An Ohio mother was charged with prostitution this morning. teen daughter.
Akron police said the 16-year-old girl, 11, was allegedly forced to have sex with a man for money and drugs.
Mothers face felony prostitution charges
She holds a bond of $100,000.
They should be held accountable to a higher authority, but a lawsuit claimed that hot dogs and other meat products in the Hebrew state did not meet the appropriate Jewish standards.
The class action charges ConAgra food company, which owns the Hebrew National brand consumer fraud.
The company declined the claim.
On the way to Cape Canaveral, the Atlas 5 rocket is on the launch stage, only a few hours away.
It will carry a classified payload into orbit on behalf of the United StatesS.
National Bureau of Reconnaissance
Ladies, I am pleased to report that its Monday release was delayed due to a pipe failure in the environmental control system and has been replaced. (END VIDEOTAPE)
BANFIELD: Atlas 5.
This is the name of my dog. Atlas.
I\'m not kidding.
Can I lie to you, Christine?
You figure it out yourself.
Thank you, my friend. Forty-
Now the East Coast has passed 5: 00.
The first day of summer, so, this morning.
Obviously, we are still a long way from the end of the world. Oh, my gosh.
What a wake-up report it is.
If you believe that
Let\'s explain it.
SAMBOLIN: If you\'re leaving home now, you can watch us at any time on your desktop or on your phone.
Just go to CNN. com/TV. (
Business break)
Banfield: Hello.
It\'s been 5: 00 and 52 minutes now.
Now it\'s time to look at the trends on interweb and you \'d better take advantage of your rolling time as it\'s said to be only six months from the end of the world.
Clearly, the summer solstice that arrived today is six months before the winter solstice in December 21.
According to some people\'s reading of the mind calendar, the world will be destroyed.
Well, don\'t worry.
If you are panicking about the doomsday theory of scientists and archaeologists.
It stays active and good on the Internet and insurance advertising.
This surprised me.
It has been around for so long and the Mayan calendar is not correct.
More anger over Alec Baldwin is poorly managed.
He was photographed putting smackdown on the New York Daily News photographer outside the city\'s marriage certificate agency.
Did you miss it?
We have it.
We don\'t have it.
The newspaper said he had just received a marriage certificate with his fiancee.
Baldwin tweeted that the photographer had attacked him and almost hit him in the face with a camera.
He put the sentence under the handyman, \"all paparazzi should be a water hand.
He also mentioned the case of Trayvon Martin on another tweet, saying, citing \"I think if the offending paparazzi were wearing a hoodie, I shot him and it would all explode.
I don\'t think it\'s a good push.
I\'m a huge fan of Alec Baldwin, but I don\'t think it\'s appropriate. Sorry, Alec. No legs? No excuses. Spencer West (ph)
Remember this name.
He was a double amputee who lost his legs when he was five, and the man had conquered Mount Kilimanjaro.
Banfield: The highest mountain in Africa.
Do you think you have a problem? You listen up.
These pictures are from personal blogs.
Most of this 19,000 is done by West.
No help to climb the foot, just with his hand.
His friends do help him a lot, only a small part of him.
SAMBOLIN: Oh my God, this is amazing.
Banfield: Spencer West (ph)
You\'re my hero.
Very nice, very kind.
Banfield: Incredible.
The selection of presidential debate preparation partners was analyzed by Stephen Colbert and Jay Renault. (Start Video)
Host jay leno, Tonight Show with jay leno: As the presidential debate approaches, they will start in a few months and John Kerry will play Mitt Romney, help the president prepare for the debate. Huh?
This is a bit far-fetched.
A rich white man from Massachusetts plays a rich white man from Massachusetts. (LAUGHTER)
How does this make John Kerry feel?
Hey John, we need someone who\'s a little stiff, lost contact and flippedflopper.
You will be perfect.
Be yourself!
Be yourself!
Host Stephen Colbert: now that I know John Kerry is going to debate with President Obama, I have no choice but to fully support John Kerry. (LAUGHTER)
Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the one America needs to beat Barack Obama.
Who is better than facing so many people in the face of America\'s challenges? (LAUGHTER)
More importantly, John Kerry is a war hero.
Meanwhile, Obama avoided the draft Vietnam, and his family doctor wrote him a letter to diagnose him as eight years old in medicine. (LAUGHTER)
Colbert: It\'s a pity, sir. For shame. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stephen Colbert, another hero.
The Justice Department released some news.
The botched \"quick and Furious\" gun action is coming today as Attorney General Eric Holder has to face the contempt of congressional hearings in just a few hours.
Find out what\'s at stake. Come on. (
Business break)
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