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cnim to optimize renewable heat production for nantes district heating

by:NULITE     2019-09-25
French international industrial equipment manufacturer and integrator CNIM has reached an agreement on waste energy efficiency optimizationto-
The energy plant serves the cities of Nantes and Saint Nazar in northwest France.
Under the terms of this agreement, CNIM will install an absorption heat pump to increase the supply of hot water in Nantes.
Delivery is scheduled for October 2019.
The new system is designed to inject 3.
The thermal energy of China Southern regional heating system is 1 MW.
CNIM provides energy efficiency challenges in industrial facilities in many industries such as oil, petrochemical, chemical, energy and shipping.
This includes design, construction and maintenance services that coincide with the services of other entities and subsidiaries of The CNIM Group in the fields of heat treatment Engineering, waste disposal, etc. to-
Energy and biomassto-
Energy Solutions, flue gas treatment, thermal power plant renovation projects, industrial boiler plants.
CNIM provides absorption heat pumps and chillers for regional heating operators.
These are all based on steam or pressurized water tanks, which store heat during peak production and are released into the network at peak demand.
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