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Cheap Geothermal System

by:NULITE     2019-09-20
I want to see how cheap I am to build a working geothermal system.
I \'ve heard a lot about how expensive these systems are, so I did some research on how these systems work and decided to give it a try.
You can find a lot of information about geothermal systems through the search network.
I found a note that someone used their tap water temperature to cool their house.
This led me to the idea that \"it might be useful if I could take advantage of this temperature difference in a closed loop system\", so I started digging.
It can be dangerous to dig a hole like this.
People die in small holes every day.
Even if you are trained to dig holes like this, bad things will happen.
Don\'t dig a hole like this, 4 feet of the ditches are OK in most places.
To fully benefit from geothermal properties, do some research on your area to find the best depth for your area.
4 feet is OK for my area but I would like to try my theory and when I reach 8 feet there is 2 feet cold water in my hole.
The water was a good heat exchanger and I got into the water very quickly because I lived on an island.
This made me decide to set up my loop in this unconventional way.
Don\'t try this at home.
For my loop I want to use the cheapest pipe I can find.
It turns out that you can find this type of pipe at any home improvement store for 10 cents 1 feet.
Plastic may not be the best heat exchanger, but 200 feet of the heat exchanger should do well if there is a pump that is slow enough.
If I help dig or dig, I might go with 2000 feet, but it\'s just an experiment with me alone.
When your loop is in, you can connect your pump and heat exchanger and start playing with it.
For my pump, I used a fuel pump for the post 90 s Honda Civic.
For my heat exchanger, I used aftermarket radiator for post 90 s Honda Civic.
For my air processor, I used the stock radiator for a 90-year-old Honda Civic model.
The system runs on 12 v and you can hear it dripping when the water gets cold.
Have fun, be safe, remember that every penny you save by doing something sustainable is the money you can spend somewhere else to make the economy strong again.
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