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news-NULITE-“Change” a new life with clean heating Nulite won the bid for the “Coal to Electricity”
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“Change” a new life with clean heating! Nulite won the bid for the “Coal to Electricity” project in Jishan County

Nulite won the bid for the coal-to-electricity project in Wenxi County, Shanxi
On August 16, the list of winning bids for the 2020 winter clean heating project (coal-to-electricity) construction project in Jishan County was announced. The successful bid of Nulite Air has fully demonstrated the strong influence and market competitiveness of the Nulite brand.
The winning of the bid for the “coal-to-electricity” project in Jishan County this time is the result of years of market accumulation and is also the result of strength. Nulite has nearly 20 years of market foundation in the field of air energy. With a good reputation, projects are spread all over the country, schools, hospitals, government agencies, factories, hotels...Every project has witnessed Nulite's solid footsteps.

news-Change a new life with clean heating Nulite won the bid for the Coal to Electricity project in

Nulite Zhihui·Inverter heating heat pump
Nulite Zhihui inverter heating heat pump, which won the bid this time, is Niuentai's star product, which is dual-purpose for cooling and heating, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. The use of stepless DC frequency conversion technology ensures that the unit can operate stably and efficiently in a low temperature and frost environment of -30°C. In addition, the compressor, which is called the "heart" component of the heat pump, adopts a well-known brand compressor, which has more efficient heating, better energy-saving effect, more sufficient heat exchange and longer service life of the unit.


Nulite Zhihui·Inverter heating heat pump continues to exert force in the coal-to-electricity market
As an enterprise focusing on technology research and development, production and manufacturing in the field of air energy, Nulite has taken advantage of the government’s coal-to-clean energy conversion to actively develop the northern heating market and has achieved remarkable results. In the field of air energy heating, Nulite has become the main force in China's "coal-to-electricity" heat pump heating. It has won bids for coal-to-clean energy projects in Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places, and has practiced countless air energy heating cases. It is proved that even in the extreme low temperature environment, Nulite Air can operate efficiently and stably, and can maintain high energy efficiency, which has been unanimously recognized by users.

Today, the north "coal to electricity" is in full swing, and clean energy heating has become a general trend. In the future, Nulite will continue to deepen the domestic clean heating market, provide better products and services for coal-to-electricity users, and provide high-quality products and professional and considerate services to escort the people's comfortable and warm winter life, and fully assist our country Environmental protection has developed well and contributed to winning the battle against the blue sky!