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central location for swords scheme

by:NULITE     2019-09-29
Seasoned house-
Hunter can recognize Comyn Manor with sword
Its developers also built the Clooney Manor in 2016 on the basis of St. Joseph, the Clooney women\'s school in klini, and imitated many elements of the plan in the latest project.
In fact, SAC construction has retained the same team of suppliers, merchants and professionals even behind Clooney Manor.
Therefore, Comyn Manor is similar in style and comes with the same under-floor heating provided by Panasonic air conditionerto-
Choice of water heat pump, Blackstone kitchen and wet room kitchen-style showers.
Unlike many new sword developments, Comyn Manor is located on Seatown Road near the center of town, where SAC retains the mature trees of the site for the central green space.
The first phase of 28-
The unit plan includes 16, three.
Bed and sold after launch in autumn.
The second and final stages consist of 12 large four
1,700 square feet bed townhouse.
Their goal is for growing families and buyers of older children: there is a second living room and two suite bedrooms on the first floor, and this layout is popular among families with teenage children.
The price starts at 450,000 euros in the middle.
Terrace design for 475,000 Euro final priceof-terrace four-bed. The three-storey four-
Bed in the traditional period
Yellow Brick with granite on the windowsill.
Double frame-
Glass PVC window with ivory wood grain finish, front driveway paved with pebbleslock.
Reception room with sandstone fireplace with wood-
All bedrooms are equipped with a burning stove and a high wardrobe.
The bathroom is fully tiled with a modern style-
Style sanitary ware, shower and heated towel rack. The A3-
The hotel is within the vicinity of Swords Express bus stop, Aldi and finger Community College.
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Consultant: Hora property consultant (01)6650456.
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