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call for clean swimming water in vancouver\'s false creek falls flat

by:NULITE     2019-08-28
The level of pollution at the eastern end of the False Creek is almost four times the level of safety, and a year ago, the City of Vancouver council passed a bill asking for the waterway to swim by this summer.
Earlier this month, the concentration of animal or human feces pollution in the eastern part of fake Creek was 776, about four times the level of 200 E.
According to the latest Vancouver Coast health test data, E. Coli in every 100 ml m of water is considered safe for swimming.
Pollution reached a high of 926 at the end of plum, and in the other six weeks of the spring and summer season this year, it has reached a weekly high of more than 500, from 541 to 855. In 2017, the E.
In just three weeks, the level of E. Coli exceeded 500.
Neither the city nor the health authorities can explain why pollution levels are higher this year than last year.
\"The cause of pollution may be very different,\" health authority spokesman Matt Kieltyka said in an email . \".
\"Rain is often a factor that causes water pollution on the beach,\" forcing water into the waterways as heavy rain flooded the sewers.
\"There is a lack of tidal surges in certain areas, increased human and animal activity, and hot weather, which may speed up the growth of bacteria, which is also possible,\" he said . \".
Fake Creek is home to several docks and berthing visiting vessels that sometimes pump untreated sewage into the stream.
According to the Vancouver Coast Health Center, higher concentrations of bacteria than 200 per 100 ml of water increase the risk of stomach and respiratory diseases for swimmers and swimmers.
All other Vancouver metro beaches are regularly tested within the allowed range, but last week the concentration of trout lakes tested at 141 has been 175 in recent years.
Vancouver National Park, last June.
Andrea Reimer has proposed an implementation of \"improve. . .
Using the waterways of Trout Lake and fake Creek, swimmers can arrive safely before 2018 summer.
Repulse did not respond to a request for comment on the status of that target.
But in the email response, she mentioned the problem for a year.
The old city report called for the establishment of a $200,000 \"hydraulic model\" and \"Water quality performance model\" for the fake Creek Basin to determine the cause of pollution.
Staff are continuing to explore the possibility of building a floating pool in False Creek and a pool in the Northeast False Creek Park, she said.
These options in the report were identified as \"a series of quick starts to improve water quality and improve water quality\"
Using the waterways of Trout Lake and fake Creek, swimmers can arrive safely.
In the Mail, repulse said that the hydraulic test was in progress and a report was \"about to be released\", but she did not provide a date to complete the test.
Earlier this year, the City Council passed a Charter requiring the terminal to provide the pump
Facilities have been provided as of next January.
City Engineering spokesman Amanda mckeg said in an email.
The company also announced earlier this year that it will continue to launch free public mobile pumps.
Boat and free pump
A pilot service at the public terminal last year.
The city plans to strengthen law enforcement, allowing bylaw officers to issue tickets at the pier for lack of signs prohibiting the discharge of illegal waste or failure to provide pumps
Give them greater powers of inspection.
Celia Brewer of the False Creek Basin Association said that the rush of waste from ships into the creek \"has been a problem since the 1990 generation and has not disappeared yet . \".
\"We are a modern society, we are a smart society, why can\'t we come up with a way to make sure people don\'t pump water into the water?
If the honor system does not work, it is up to the authorities to strengthen compliance, starting with \"you must have a tank if you enter Vancouver harbor,\" she said.
\"How did you police ? \"
I don\'t know, \"she said, adding that there is no way to judge if the ship is flushing the garbage.
Vancouver Coast Health Center is announced every week
E. Coli numbers on the Vancouver Metro Beach website include fake Creek, although it is not a \"main contact\" swimming beach as it is mainly used for kayaking, boating, kayaking and other water sports.
The health authorities say the consequences of exposure to contaminated water are unclear, but intake should be avoided and it is recommended to wash or shower with soap after contact with water.
Fraser River administrator, non
Vancouver advocates the profit proposition of \"swimming, drinking and fishing\" and suggests that politicians \"be true\"
Time report for discharge of combined sewer to Burrard entrance.
\"It is recommended every year
Comprehensive water quality monitoring, not only during the period from 5 to September, sediment sampling and official non-discharge zone. 1. Sandy Cove (W. Van)(13)2.
Whytecliffe ParkW. Van)(14)3. Wreck Beach (
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Third Beach and Iona Beach (Rmd)(16)5. Spanish Banks (17)1.
East False Creek (776)2.
Fuxi Center (163)3. Trout Lake (141)4. Crab Park (115)5. Sunset Beach (73)
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