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Boosting the development of agriculture, Nulite dryer empowers grain drying


Recently, the epidemic situation in India has been out of control. There have been more than 400,000 new cases in a single day for several consecutive days. As of May 6, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has exceeded 21 million. As the world’s largest rice exporter, the rapid deterioration of the epidemic situation in India will not only affect the global food market, affect global food prices, and may even trigger a large-scale famine. Therefore, in the past few days, the country has successively enacted and passed the “Anti-Food Waste Law” and the “Rural Revitalization Promotion Law” to ensure my country’s food security. In another month, the summer grain harvest season is also the rainy season. Rainy weather will increase the moisture content in the grain and affect the sale and storage of grain. Therefore, for farmers, the most important thing for the grain pellets to return to the warehouse is to quickly dehydrate the newly harvested grain.

In the past, farmers generally relied on traditional drying methods to solve the dehydration problem of newly harvested grains. However, this method has many drawbacks. It not only depends on the weather, but also takes time, labor and labor, which is very troublesome to use. So a new industry was born, which is the air-energy food drying industry. Air energy grain drying refers to the production of a special air energy grain dryer based on the operating principle of an air energy heat pump to dry grain. The air energy grain dryer relies on a small amount of electricity when it works, absorbs the free heat energy in the air as heating energy, and produces a large amount of hot air for drying the grain. The air energy grain dryer has no open flame combustion, no exhaust gas, waste residue, dust and other pollutants when it works, which not only prevents the possibility of fire, explosion, poisoning and other accidents, but also protects the atmospheric environment and food quality from pollution.

Because the main energy for heating comes from free heat in the air, the energy consumption of air energy grain dryers is very low. Take the Nulite  grain dryer as an example. After working for 20 hours, it can dry 40,000 kilograms (4 sets of 10-ton towers) of grain with a moisture content of 24% (taking rice as an example) into 36,400 kilograms with a moisture content of 15%. The food meets the storage standard, and the power consumption is 1500KWH (heat generation is 1.290000 kcal), and the energy consumption is only 25% of the electric dryer and 50% of the gas boiler.

In order to facilitate the installation and use of users, when developing products, the staff of Nulite , in addition to loading a large number of high-tech equipment, also designed and adjusted the air energy grain dryer specifically for the use habits of rural users-introduction Inverter compressor, flexible energy level control, more accurate temperature control, direct-heated air outlet temperature can be stabilized within the target value ± 2 ℃; intelligent control program, one-key operation, fully automatic operation, full process protection, no need for manual monitoring, It saves time, trouble and effort; the unit has air on the narrow side, convenient on-site installation and layout, and takes up very little space; the multi-layer condenser has a reinforced splicing structure, which reduces the risk of damage during long-distance transportation; the outer cover is quick-release filter, which can be quickly replaced and cleaned.

As one of the earliest companies engaged in air energy in my country, Nulite  not only has specialized grain dryers, but also a variety of models that can dry tobacco, grain, vegetables, sludge, environmental protection and other materials. In addition, if users have special needs, Nulite  can also provide customized services. For example, my country’s famous flour group-Wudeli Flour Group has customized a special Tianmairan dried noodles. After switching to the Nulite  Tianmairan dried noodles, the production capacity of Tianmairan dried noodles has increased from 50,000. Tons soared to 1 million tons.