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boiler insurance ‘worthless’ as customers left without heating or hot water as freezing temperatures hit

by:NULITE     2019-08-18
Emergency boiler insurance is not worth-
This is a shocking reality for thousands of people who have been cheated by non-paying policies.
Complaints about insurance surged last year, with some leaving for months without heating and hot water, despite buying emergency repair insurance up to £ 900 a year.
When the cold temperature hits, the customer takes out the emergency boiler cover for peace of mind in case the boiler is broken so they can fix it in a few hours.
But some say they have to wait weeks or even months for hot water and heating to resume even with emergency policies, while their insurance companies argue about how much they should pay.
The Financial Ombudsman Services, which dealt with financial grievances, received 1,970 complaints about family emergency insurance between April and last September, up from 1,271 in the same period in 2017.
One of the problems is that most of the policies involve only emergency repairs, not replacement of damaged boilers.
Less than half of suppliers48 per cent -
According to data analyst default Qto, there will be no payment for the replacement of the faulty boiler.
If the life of the boiler is more than 6 years, insurance companies usually refuse to pay, and even if it is updated, some insurance companies will only pay between £ 250 and £ 500, said deqto.
According to the energy conservation trust fund, it usually takes £ 2,300 to purchase a new boiler.
Prior to this, we revealed that when the price of new customers starts at 254, loyal customers will be charged up to £ 841 to update the annual boiler failure insurance.
Basic boiler failure policies typically include central heating, including radiators, immersion heaters, and hot water bottles.
But some policies only cover the boiler.
So it\'s worth checking before you take out one.
Repairing your boiler may be an expensive business, according to the consumer group, with an average cost of £ 182 per time? .
The service fee is usually 72 per year. Which one? adds.
But since the average cost of the boiler insurance contract is £ 242 per year, many people may be better off just paying a contract --off repair.
Brian Brown, head of insight at default Qto, told The Sun: this is a personal judgment on whether it represents value for money-some people really like peace of mind.
But he added: \"Some policy exclusions may mean that customers will not even be covered-for example, their boilers are too old, or the policy covers only the boilers, it does not include the whole heating system such as pumps and radiator valves.
\"Which study?
It was found that the boiler cover was only worth 4 yuan.
5 of the population.
Emergency insurance
Provided in a home insurance policy or as a separate product provided by a home insurance provider-
If there is a fault, it should be paid and the problem of sharpish should be solved.
This is not always the case.
According to the Daily Mail, a grandmother who lives with her husband and her grandson with Asthma said she has not had heating or hot water for three months.
A British Gas engineer breaks the bolts on the boiler when checking the boiler, which means that the entire boiler must be replaced.
It offers £ 500 for \"error\" and a £ 900 discount for the new boiler, but will not pay more.
The financial ombudsman later ruled that British Gas had to pay 400 of the cost of the new boiler, plus pounds, in response to \"considerable inconvenience \".
Not the only situation.
Florence Frey said on Twitter last month that her boiler broke down at night without heating and hot water.
She said she had emergency insurance, but when she called British Gas, it told her it was not an emergency.
She said: \"Shocking emergency boiler repair service from @ BritishGas-
Next engineer. . . . Tuesday! ! ! !
\"In another case, after a series of problems with the boiler in August 2016, a woman waited three months for it to be repaired, although she had an Aviva emergency cover on her boiler.
According to the Daily Mail, the woman had to take a shower at the gym for several weeks.
When the Sun contacted the UK gas company, a spokesman quoted the letter from the Financial Ombudsman saying: \"The UK gas company does not accept the assessment of the investigator.
\"It also said that it told Mrs. S that she needed a new boiler from the beginning, so she chose not to replace it, and therefore it was irresponsible to have no heating and hot water from June 2018.
It added: \"The British gas company said the boiler was condemned due to severe corrosion and rust, which was the cause of the screw breakage.
A spokesperson for Aviva said: \"Aviva attaches great importance to complaints and we are committed to providing quality service to all customers.
\"While our goal is not to complain, less than 1 of the Aviva home emergency insurance complaints were submitted to FOS and the number is decreasing.
\"We cannot make specific comments on the two complaints in 2016.
\"We found that the cheapest boiler emergency cover was Nova Direct\'s policy of £ 55 a year on the comparison website, but as with many policies, it only covers replacement of parts --
Not the whole boiler.
You need to go out and fix it if you don\'t have boiler insurance.
One option is to get your energy supplier to fix this, but it can be very expensive in the end.
Homeowners without insurance can pay more than £ 75 for the energy supplier to repair the boiler.
There are other options to check before picking up the phone: Don\'t try to solve the problem yourself.
Should anyone who is not a professional heating engineer and a registered gas safe not try to repair the boiler, based on this? .
This can be dangerous or will void your warranty.
Make sure you know how much you should pay.
You can find the average cost of the most common boiler repairs here.
If you are a pensioner or low-income person, you can get a help to pay for your winter electricity bill.
There are a few things you need to know about warm home discounts.
There are other ways to help you pay your energy bill.
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