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beware the germs in pools

by:NULITE     2019-09-26
It\'s almost the beginning of summer and you know what it means: the swimming season is right here. But beware.
No matter how clean they look, there may be nasty germs lurking in the public pool, causing them to be more like public bathrooms.
A recent survey by the Water Quality and Health Commission found that one out of every five Americans admitted to using public swimming pools for rapid mitigation (urinating)
Seven out of ten admit not to take a bath before going swimming.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
The swim shower can remove sweat, cosmetics and other dirt that may be mixed with chlorine, resulting in irritating substances in the pool water.
Michelle Hlavsa, head of the CDC health swimming program, said, \"When we swim, these stimuli, not chlorine itself, can cause strong chemical odors in red eyes and some swimming pools.
\"How to avoid this pollution?
Be sure to take a bath with soap and water before you jump into the water.
Take children during frequent bathroom breaks.
Make sure you have a lifeguard or operator who often ensures that the pH and chlorine levels in the pool are up to standard.
Appropriate levels can destroy water-borne bacteria that can cause diarrhea, the ears of swimmers and skin infections, thus helping to keep the pool healthy.
\"Swimming can\'t replace bathing.
Too many people unconsciously use the swimming pool as a public bathtub.
Chris Wiant, chairman of the independent group Water Quality and Health Committee, sponsored by the US chemical Commission.
\"It seems to be a violation of intuition, but it is important to take a bath before you jump into the pool to help everyone in the pool keep swimming healthy.
\"If you are still skeptical about the bacteria in the pool, the lifeguard will not tell you 15 things, and the Water Quality and Health Commission will provide free pool test strips this summer, this allows the swimmer to check the pH and chlorine content of the public swimming pool.
You can ask here.
Last summer, the water quality and health board mailed more than 32,000 free pool test strips to swimmers.
Last summer, data submitted by national swimmers showed that 54% of the test pools were not acceptable and 47% of the pool pH was inappropriate.
If you would like to know more, visit the CDC\'s website for tips on a healthy pool.
I must admit that I wiped a few times in the public swimming pool.
I mean, how can I not?
Only people who are rubbish will do this and think it\'s okay.
That\'s why I have a pool in my own house.
The ground type is not calculated.
So funny!
Thank you so much eyovrene it is very likely to read the critical review from here.
This can be very amazing, and it\'s a great time for me personally and my colleagues to search your blog at least three times in a week to look at the latest you have
Finally, I am also very fascinated by the impressive ideas you have provided.
The 2 points selected on this page are indeed the best I have ever eaten.
Our community pool was a bit overloaded during the hot summer.
Donald D in Toronto, Canada.
Sommerville public pool the only way you can get into the pool area is through an automatic shower.
This is a good idea.
Hope we have one. . .
Canada needs to stop coming up with very good ideas.
It is making AmericaS. look bad. )
Does anyone know how to print here?
I don\'t understand why someone would use a public hot tub in some apartment buildings.
This is the most disgusting thing I can imagine.
Someone soaked all their holes in boiling water like a pot and then you added them.
How disgusting it can become. . (
Also don\'t mention the few people who think it\'s \"hot\" to wear it there)
Free test strips? ! ?
Talk about waste. I\'m floored.
Then it\'s cheaper to hire people to run around and check them out. Ewwww. . . .
I kept my balance in the pool at home and kept it healthy.
I don\'t think I ever want to swim in these dirty public swimming pools.
For all people who pee-how lazy and sick will you be?
It\'s always a good idea to take a shower when leaving any pool.
If your child is still in diapers, please don\'t bring him into the pool!
Obviously you don\'t believe he won\'t shit, so why should I believe he won\'t shit in the pool?
Our complex well maintained the local hot tub.
Once again, the Germans felt sick.
Just pull your hand when you go out.
I would like to have a sign that says, \"it\'s going to cost $500/$2,000/anything to fill this pool, please don\'t pee or shit in it! \"(
And the idea of an automatic shower! I like that! )
I hate the public pool and I want them to close all the pools thanks for the money bags.
Don\'t go if you don\'t like it. But here?
Our public swimming pool provides a lot of entertainment and active activities for children in the community, and also provides a hot tub for seniors who may not be able to enter otherwise, with advanced water aerobics, I run hundreds of laps a week.
Please forgive us for not being able to afford the pool. Sheesh.
The third area is a profitable market;
A group of people with specific needs and needs, who are ready and willing and able to pay money to meet or meet those needs, if someone is fined for dirty pool, automatic shower, A publicly released logo lists the chemical level of a certain date and the public pool is OK. (
If people abide by swimming etiquette. )
Toe Fungus survived in the pool for a few days.
Automatic foot washer, fungus detector.
If the detector is off, either you are forced to wear some sort of \"foot condom\" or you are banned from entering the pool.
Pool water is OK;
Did you know that no one ever noticed the condition of the body being submerged in the water for a few days?
In a CNN article published on June 30, 2011, Google said, \"authorities say the bodies found in the public swimming pool have not been found for several days.
\"Sorry if it\'s ironic, it\'s hard to say online.
I have to say because my child and I have purchased our pool pass (last October)
We go four times a week, and this year\'s disease is less than any time in memory.
I told my kids that there was only junk urine in the pool and since I saw them leaving to use the bathroom I wanted them to be polite.
Welcome to my office.
As you can see, there is no P in my pool.
Let\'s keep this way. . . . Come on people. Get a life.
Don\'t worry too much, enjoy the summer, swimming pool and life.
God, hundreds of people jumped into a bucket of water. When they came out, the water was not clear?
Stop pressing!
There should be no bacteria in urine.
If a bacteria is found in the urine, it is usually found from its contact with the skin when it is out.
In other words, these bacteria will be in the swimming pool whether or not anyone urinate.
Also, urine is just one of many body fluids.
When will people complain about saliva, sweat, mucus and tears that inevitably leak from everyone\'s body into the water? Oh right, wee-
Wees is very annoying and has beautiful eyes.
I forgot how ignorant and superficial the public is.
I don\'t understand why some people think it\'s OK to be small in the pool.
It\'s disgusting.
My apartment has a nice big pool but I have almost never seen the kids walk out of the House to use the bathroom so it\'s hard for me to convince myself to use the pool even if I want to exercise.
I agree people should take a shower before entering the pool
Especially for your hair to absorb non
Chlorine water priority-
Then it acts as (small)
A buffer made of chlorine/chemical treated water that makes the hair green, dirty and sticky.
The irritating part about other sources from outside chlorine is the bull.
Chlorine is bleach.
It burns your eyes, dries your skin, and destroys your hair no matter what other chemicals (
Ask your barber).
For the above reasons, I only use our family pool, and when friends and their children come over, yes, the house is a bit messy, but into the toilet, the hose is put down in the shower, ease urself and have fun.
Before entering, we also have a wading pool to rinse the grass crumbs under our feet.
I\'m not a germaphobe anyway, but respect is all about it.
Living in a society about me, how do you ask for free test strips?
When I click on the link that says \"request a test bar here\" above, I get a website that reports the test results, but there is nothing about requesting a test bar. (
I access from my phone-maybe the website is not showing properly? )
I have never used public swimming pools and the people who use them are annoying!
Or you can swim in the newly built \"the world\'s largest outdoor pool,\" which was built next to what was previously called the world\'s largest pool. Oh, the irony.
Don\'t pee in our pool. . . .
We won\'t swim in your toilet. . . .
I will never swim in the public swimming pool. news flash!
Most parents are lame and their kids don\'t wipe their ass.
I have a pool in my house but use a larger pool (outdoor)
Swim miles to the health club
The club \"asked\" for a shower before using the pool and most serious swimmers followed.
The warm weather is coming, so are the mothers.
They apply sunscreen to themselves and their children and then \"lie down\" by the pool \"(
When people just put on sunscreen, why bother to tan? )
When the children play in the water.
Greasy mothers occasionally slide into the water and wash away their sweat.
Occasionally, they bring transparent folds with thm.
The water in the pool became almost opaque and I stopped swimming and withdrew from membership.
By the way, the club also claimed that babies were not allowed to enter the pool.
God knows what they lied about.
I just wanted to let you know about this awesome game we are currently playing on Facebook.
We ask everyone to submit a photo of your best poolside pose in the most outrageous swimsuit and have their friends vote for their submission.
The person with the most votes will win a $500 Lowe gift card or a $500 ASP credit card for any of our franchises!
This is a great way to celebrate good weather, good times and have fun.
You can find the game here and thank you very much for your time, effort and support.
I hope you will continue to have a good day. Great post.
I have been checking this blog and have been very impressed!
Especially the very useful information in the last part?
I am very concerned about this information.
I have been looking for this specific information for a long time.
Thank you. Good luck.
Thank you for taking the time to discuss this, I have a strong feeling about it and really enjoy learning more about this topic.
If possible, would you mind updating your blog site with additional information when you get the knowledge?
I strongly oppose it.
Known as natatori in business, this is one of the more challenging design issues I \'ve been involved in.
I design the HVAC system.
My conclusion is that the pool is the worst thing you can put in the building.
As already said, it only works if you are willing to spend a lot of money.
The simple answer is that the indoor pool must be kept at exactly the same temperature as the air.
The relationship between air and water temperature is related to minimizing the evaporation rate of the pool.
You can\'t get too much water in the air.
Even so, you have to provide a lot of venilation in the space to remove moisture and chlorine gas.
Even plumbing that provides ventilation is more expensive because cheaper materials can be corroded by chlorine.
To be honest, unless it\'s a wood pellet boiler, you won\'t get the fine control you need from the wood stove either.
Don\'t do it.
You will definitely have a headache.
Hi, the video is good, but have you ever realized that as long as you have dirty sunshine in the pool as well, you \'d better throw the black tube directly into the pool.
Even better, buy a $10 piece of black plastic and put it at the bottom of the pool.
Pump is not required, all heat is transferred to the water.
215377 986089 Hello guru, what induced you to post an article.
The article is very interesting, especially since I was looking for ideas on the subject last Thursday.
535626 this one here best describes the details I need to query.
I was really surprised by the topic and was interested to see the theme map here.
There is a part of the swimming pool.
It helps me a lot because I can know these things.
This is a very good post!
I will bookmark this blog.
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