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bertrand russell\'s childhood home could be yours

by:NULITE     2019-09-07
It is not uncommon for a magnificent house to have a noble heritage, but the birth place of Bertrand Russell, Monmouth County, creeddon Hall, has a more \"alternative\" history.
Russell, a philosopher and mathematician, is a liberal and peaceful man who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950.
However, in the six-year-old Clifton Hall, radical thinking
The village of Trellech, a 36-acre bedroom mansion, began before he was born in 1872.
His parents, Lord Amberley, and his wife, call it ravinkloff.
It is considered one of the best houses in Wales, with the residence of the servants and the servants to fill it up.
However, it quickly cultivated the image of the Bohemian.
Let the frustration of the 19 th-
At the beginning of the 20 th century, the couple openly advocated birth control and announced that their marriage was public-Russell\'s mother had a relationship with his mentor at ravenkloff.
The philosopher lived there once in a while until he was in his twenties, after which the property was rented out for a long time.
Vinnie and Brian Jones: The Rock House at Cape Vinnie shook the venue for Glenn Miller\'s last concert in his 60 s, just like Russell opposed the Vietnam War, the house was purchased and renamed.
But its aggressive image remains.
\"It earned a reputation for the wild party.
They are all in their seventies and have a bar.
Cleddon Hall symbolizes this era, \"said Jeff Hall, a real estate investor who bought the house in 2010.
At the same time, trileh became the center of activism, and Howard mark was also referred to as \"Mr. Nice,\" who publicly recorded his drugs
Selling occupation, renting a house nearby.
Cleddon Hall is very clean these dayscut.
\"When we bought it two years ago, it was in poor condition.
The party has long ended, and so has most of the roofs, \"said Jeff, who renovated the roofs with his wife Melanie and 15-year-old daughter Holly and 12-year-old Lauren.
\"To make it cheaper to heat the house, fake ceilings have been installed.
To show off the beautiful eaves and ceiling roses, we took them down.
\"The house was perfect with a new roof, just like when Bertrand Russell lived here.
We also installed the soil source heat pump and the under-floor heating system.
But he admitted that there was a price for ownership.
\"Unless you are a dedicated gardener, it is difficult to look after 36 acres of land.
Jeff said: \"I don\'t have time, so the family listed the sales Hall for 2 million.
\"Whoever bought it will have a brilliant house with stunning views and complete tranquility-and of course an amazing history.
Cleddon Hall is on sale, real estate agent Fine (fine. co. uk; 02920 226129).
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