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beating the heat: city swimming pools witness heavy rush | patna news - times of india

by:NULITE     2019-08-29
PATNA: With the surge of Mercury, the city\'s swimming pool is going through a hard hit.
After the busy school schedule, the children frolic in the swimming pool to resist the heat.
The city hotel offers seasonal and monthly packages for families and individuals to take a dip in the water pool.
The pool at the Maurya Hotel has activities from 6 to 9 every morning (general), 4pm to 6pm (women and kids)
Six o\'clock P. M. to eight o\'clock P. M (men and kids).
Purshottam Singh, an official at the hotel, said on Tuesday that the monthly and quarterly fees for adults were Rs6, 800 plus taxes and Rs14, 500 plus taxes, respectively.
Monthly and seasonal fees for family packages for two adults and two children (
April-October 31)
The tax increases are Rs12, 500 and rs25000 respectively.
Children under the age of 8 can sign up for the Rs4, 000 plus taxes for a monthly fee, as well as this season\'s Rs11, 500 plus taxes, Singh said.
At the Bankipore Club, people can swim in the water from six o\'clock A. M. to nine o\'clock A. M (general).
Time starts at 4 for women and children. 30pm to 9. 30pm.
There are two coaches taking swimming lessons for amateurs.
We also offer swimming water balls for beginners.
Naresh Kumar Singh, an official at the club, said this is for club members only and the individual\'s monthly fee is the Rs1000.
Sonam Agarwal, a resident of Boring Road, said she was relaxing in the pool with her family.
The best part of summer was that we got together with friends in the pool and had a long chat with them.
I\'m not good at swimming, she said, and I used floating water balls for safety.
Some schools have their own swimming pools.
Students in our school can take swimming lessons from four o\'clock P. M. to five o\'clock P. M. on Monday.
This is just for the boys, vice president of St. Michel high school.
Said principal Fr Christu Savrirajan.
As temperatures rise, I think the best way to keep your body cool is to splash water in the pool, said Avinash Kumar, a Grade 8 student at Delhi\'s public school.
In my spare time, I need to do something constructive and there is nothing better to exercise than swimming.
It kept me healthy and fresh, said the boy.
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