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battling entrenched corruption in alabama

by:NULITE     2019-08-21
Until a few months ago, what happens when the wrongdoing comes up, I can count on the time I feel really scared on the one hand.
Except for the midnight pajamas party, when childhood friends tell terrible stories in the early hours of the morning, I can\'t remember when I didn\'t feel safe and protected.
My alarm system: two small, competitive snow Nari dogs, and later, a small Feist or squirrel dog, went to the pet cemetery at our family farm
A few yards from my great grave. grandparents)
I bought a homeless lab.
What else do I want?
Fear: a different mood, everything has changed.
Over the past five months, I have gone from being an independent woman to being an adventurous to welcoming every new day to a woman with totally different feelings and emotions.
After five months of burglary, I stayed in a local women\'s shelter for most of December 2013, as multiple breaks caused fear. ins.
I called the police.
Fingerprints are visible in most cases and I showed them to the police.
I once convinced an investigator to get the fingerprint.
Investigators later told me that his supervisor determined that prints would not be sent to the state until more evidence was collected.
But a series of \"glitches\" prevented the collection of more evidence, including two store videos.
A video shows someone stealing my phone at a public restaurant.
On another occasion, another video from the Gande Hill parking lot may show the person who entered my car and brought a small digital recorder.
The police refused to call and order the video for free.
One morning a camera at my front door gave me a brief glimpse of a young man approaching my house and car.
A few weeks later, a private detective named allsouth investment came to my house, confirming that someone had cut the land line under my house.
Between November 2013 and March 2014, I changed or changed again.
The House with the key was locked four or five times.
I couldn\'t figure out how they got into my house.
I put \"football players\" under all the door handles and took all the precautions I could think.
The photo of my front and back door shows that the lock was obviously tampered with more than once.
And how about my car, 2002 Chrysler Sebring entrance?
A click of some type.
Ironically, my credibility is not the main problem.
After I finished my PhDD.
In 2008, I graduated from Auburn University, taught, tutored and published articles in university magazines, mainly stories about the South, and I enjoyed a rich life.
In fact, the main problem I have with friends and law enforcement is: fear of people doing this to me.
The climax of the event: FireOn, March 26, 2014, I went home from Birmingham overnight and received foot\'s health appointment for foot surgery.
Because the pump was broken, the trip became two-
Instead of a day trip.
I was with my guest John Keller, an investigative journalist who came from Virginia to interview me about lawyers and other people shaking 65 years old for their property
He also plans to interview me about any possible experiences related to the \"business.
\"I opened the back door with him and greeted the sea water and pungent smell of smoke in swirling. Soot---black soot---
The dirt seems to cover everything.
We took a few steps and walked outside after making sure that any fire seemed to be out.
I called 911 right away.
The police determined that the fire caused by arson began in John\'s bedroom, living room and another place, and the police told us that they would not disclose it to us.
My car was still parked in the garage with clear handprints and fingerprints all over the driver\'s side window.
I asked the police to get the handprint. . . . . they did not.
While these fingerprints may not belong to the person who caused the fire, the owner of these fingerprints may have information if the police are willing to question them. After two-
Three hours later, we were cold and trembling and fell asleep at the motel.
The police gave us strict orders not to return us to the house, we left and did not want to interfere with the investigation in any way.
Within a day or two, I went back to my house and took a closer look at the destruction.
My guest, investigative reporter John Keller, wanted to take a picture.
We walked into the house and didn\'t touch anything, just walked from room to room.
Family souvenirs have been kept for a lifetime and are now gone.
But when we entered the closet in the master bedroom, we couldn\'t breathe.
Above the electric water heater, someone made a hole in the wall to see the obvious fire remains.
A water pipe was broken, which explained the flooded house, with a 220 electric plug hanging on a damp carpet.
When we entered the house, the carpet was several inches deep in the water.
The police concealed the information from us.
We learned later that the Alabama fire chief should be called immediately;
However, the Headland police allowed insurance investigators to enter the house without mentioning the national fire chief.
A few weeks after the fire, I called the state fire chief\'s office and received a voice mail saying that the headquarters police station would handle the fire.
This message makes it clear that the National Fire Marshall office will not be involved.
What would happen if we didn\'t bring the rubber into the house? soled shoes.
Will we get electric shock if our shoes are different?
Does anyone want to kill us? Or is this dress purely accidental?
On April 3, 2014, the Americans yesterday, John posted these photos on his website: www. insider-magazine.
And an article about the fire.
Over the years, many of his articles have focused on corruption in Alabama, Florida and other states.
However, much of his research and writing has focused on corruption in Alabama, often involving lawyers, judges and other senior positions in the state.
He always writes an article with documents at hand.
Shortly after putting the article in PDF format on his website, someone hacked into his website and the article about the details of the water heater disappeared.
Start: later in November 18, 2014, I reluctantly called the police and Officer X came to my house to tell about the burglary, which was the first time the door was broken --
The Veterans Day was at my house.
About 30 or 40 pages of documents have been taken from my home.
He\'s a police officer, polite, like all the local police I \'ve met since I built a house in a community called Willow Oak in 1999.
But I was not prepared for his next sentence: \"Don\'t say anything,\" he warned.
He continued, \"be careful, there may be a tracker and a listening device in your car.
They may also have a listening device installed in your home.
You need to buy a Taser at Sadie\'s flea market.
You may need one.
I listened and was shocked. I couldn\'t put everything in at once.
The second point is that I spoke to a former Headland Officer I highly respected.
Although the two officers have never met before, the officer said almost the same thing: it could be a tracker in your car or car, a listening device in your home and/or car, a dangerous criminal organization
But his advice is: you need a gun. A gun?
I don\'t think it\'s me.
I have lived alone for years, both on mobile devices and on Headland.
My house has never been stolen.
Also, I can\'t afford a gun right now.
For a few months, I was afraid to call the police every time an accident occurred.
Items are usually returned--
A few weeks later, in a different place. --but returned.
Some things never come back.
When I left Ruth\'s women\'s shelter in December, I had a receipt from a nearby motel and I was afraid to spend the night at home.
I know someone is in my house, but I am as afraid of the police as the intruder?
I told my sister. in-
By law, several of these policemen are like criminals.
I\'m afraid of them.
I was even afraid that they would try to plant drugs on me.
It\'s ridiculous that she laughed;
At your age, they will know they won\'t fly, and besides, you are a healthy nut that no one can believe.
But I still don\'t feel well.
I have been asking for help from local police and district prosecutors for months.
A new investigator came to the local police station on January.
He seemed worried.
I expressed my concern to him, \"You know the priest,\" and your superior will not allow you to continue to do so. \" He disagreed. I was hopeful.
In my presence, he looked up the law for everything.
A few are felony.
A few weeks later, however, his tone changed.
He said to me, \"You know, these are all misdemeanor if these people are caught. You (
The emphasis is on you)
It\'s the one to sue, not us.
The police will not prosecute these incidents.
I can assure you that the captain and the captain will be closed soon.
It takes a lot of time and no results. \"I said nothing.
I expressed my thoughts in the letter to him but never sent it out.
On March 5, I did send a copy of this letter to Henry and the Houston County district attorney.
These letters are displayed in my next hub.
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