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b.c. offers businesses and homeowners more money to save energy, cut emissions

by:NULITE     2019-09-09
The British government in Colombia has announced it will increase incentives to help homeowners and businesses save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Better construction plans offer thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives to attract people to the high
Efficient heating equipment including walls, windows, roofs and foundations and improved building housing.
Prime Minister John Hogan said it makes sense to help people keep cool in the summer, keep warm in the winter, and the efficiency of their investment will help B. C.
Reduce climate pollution.
Incentives include a $3,000 rebate for those who turn to high spending.
High efficiency electric heat pumps, kickbacks for door and window upgrades up to $2,000, and rebates for energy research up to $20,000 to help identify improvements in commercial buildings.
The plan allows $14,100 in House and $220,000 in energy for a commercial business. saving changes.
The clean bc project announced last year is part of the NDP agreement signed by Horgan and B. C.
The Green Party aims to form a minority government in 2017.
Energy Minister Michelle Munger said at a press conference
Efficient buildings are a key part of cleaning the future.
\"This project will help us achieve our clean goal of reducing climate pollution. C.
Cleaner, create good jobs that support families and maintain communities.
\"Incentives are designed to help replace fossil fuel heating systems with electric air
Source heat pump, improve insulation, encourage upgrading to high
Efficient natural gas furnace, install more doors and windows to minimize heat loss.
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