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are your home technologies verging on obsolescence? here’s what’s next.

by:NULITE     2019-09-12
Although we have only entered the second decade of the 21 st century20th-
According to the prophecy of the century, our home will be like George and Jane Jetson, but it has not yet been realized.
Of course, our TV is flat and our land is flat.
The phone is basically gone, but most of us still want to go back to a place that\'s more appealing than George and Jane\'s uber --
There has been a clinical residence.
Advanced technology and breakthrough innovation have not affected our lives.
To a large extent, as old things disappear and newly redesigned things move in, our house has changed gradually.
With spring coming, it\'s time to look at your home, evaluate those elements that are about to go out of date, and consider accepting these family innovations: ● One of the smartest ideas that have hit home lately-
The improved scene is an affordable, dimmable, brightly colored LED bulb.
Still, it\'s not easy for many Americans to say goodbye to incandescent lamps that are now disappearing from store shelves.
When this announcement is first released, interior designers and homeowners may hear collective sighs across the country, fearing that the House will soon be lit up like a lab --
Although it is efficient and environmental protection.
LED options-
Although it is actually comparable to the quality of light provided by incandescent lamps --
May be confusing.
I spoke to Chris Winters, general manager of USALight.
Com, about the challenges many of us face when transitioning to these new lights.
\"The problem for most customers is that the wattage rating of LED bulbs is so low that they can\'t be sure what to choose,\" Winters said . \".
\"Dimmable A19 bulb is a warm white\" standard \"bulb that is replaced by 60-
Traditional incandescent lamps.
If you\'re looking for a 40-
The TCP 7 W Dimmable A19 bulb is a good alternative.
The life of these two bulbs will be about 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs, energy saving 85%, five timesyear warranty.
Although these LED bulbs are a little higher than the upfront cost of incandescent lamps (
Online ordering can save you a lot of money)
They have much less heat, much longer duration, and they tend to be cheaper in the long run while providing familiar warm light.
One additional benefit is that you don\'t have to change the situation that was burned
Light bulbs for about 20 years. ●If your snow-
The walls of your bedroom are finally worn out. to-
Carpet next door or living room carpet
Improving innovation may only be for you.
Milliken, one of the world\'s leading carpet manufacturers, has come up with a revolutionary project called deepredesigner.
In essence, shopredesigner allows homeowners to create custom
Select from 50 available patterns first, then customize the color carpet
Color the pattern using 105 colors scattered among the three palettes.
It\'s like a big coloring book exercise for adults --
Design lovers.
Within 24 to 48 hours, the dealer you are working with will produce a high
Custom resolution image-
Color Design for your review, Milliken will produce 27-if you are satisfied with the results-inch-
Square samples are provided for your approval free of charge.
Completed customization five weeks after placing the order
Here comes the colored carpet.
There\'s a 25-
Code minimum order, multi-wall-to-
This quantity can be handled by Wall Engineering.
For those looking for an affordable carpet solution, order the broadloom carpet and have the floor shop cut and bind (or surge)
Products that meet your exact specifications can be an easy way to create the perfect size and color carpet for your space. If the 25-
There are too many proof of minimum code for a carpet, ask the store salesperson or designer to help you figure out how to get extra carpet from minimum code.
Be sure to get a full quote including the cost of cutting and binding/soaring to avoid any unpleasant surprises and use the rest of your home as an indoor doormat.
The carpet is made of Stainmaster Tactesse BCF nylon 6, 6 fibers, 100%, which means soil and dirt resistance as well as additional durability.
Even with additional cutting and soaring/binding fees, I often find that the price of ordering a carpet and making it into a carpet is competitive compared to the price of buying a standard carpet
The size of the carpet is usually the wrong size.
To determine the correct carpet size of the room, remember to limit the width and length (
Fireplace with fireplace and other raised
Considering out)
Subtract two to 3 feet from each dimension.
This will give you a proper boundary of 12 to 18 inch between your carpet and its adjacent walls or constraints.
The most standard
For a room with less than perfect size carpets, Milliken\'s shopredesigner program provides a solution that can be implemented to create the ideal scale carpet in a custom case
Color carpets customized according to your specific palette, this is a very perfect foundation for building a room design.
Although we have just entered the spring, it is too early to upgrade your air
Air conditioning system.
If you suspect it may be coming soon, the good news is that the new cooling/heating system has made great technological progress, which can lead to unprecedented energy efficiency.
These efficient systems provide a more comfortable internal environment at lower operating costs.
Among the many great options recently launched, the carrier infinite hybrid heating system with Greenspeed intelligence is state-of-the-art.
The system includes an infinite 20 heat pump, which is the most efficient air-
The source heat pump on the market due to its advanced variables-
Speed technology.
Systems like Carrier Infinity 20 heat pumps have a unique variable
A speed system that provides optimal efficiency and comfort.
Standard features include what operators call Greenspeed intelligence, which allows you to view or change settings from anywhere you can access the Internet using your smartphone or tablet.
The other way this system helps improve efficiency is through its controller (
Called Infinite touch control)
Let you see the realUse time energy.
This information
The function of money can also be money-
Save money by providing necessary information to homeowners
Further standardize operating costs.
Updating your device can be expensive, so it\'s important to make an informed decision that suits you and your wallet.
You may never need a robot who is roaming around your home wearing a wrinkled apron called Rossi,
Bright home, a great place to relax, the soft carpet under your feet looks like a basic principle and there is little chance of being out of date.
I think the entire Gitzo family will agree.
Especially way.
Vern Yip is an interior designer and star of the \"explosion for your money\" and \"living in Vern\'s House\" debut on HGTV in June.
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