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anti-fracking protest rocks ny governor’s state of the state address

by:NULITE     2019-08-17
Activists protested to urge Andrew Como, governor of New York, to expand the moratorium on fracking
Effective since 2008-
Banning controversial gas
It\'s drilling.
The protesters held up the sign \"Don\'t be upset about our future\", \"We love frack --
They took over the Empire State Square, where the state address was published on Wednesday.
\"Air pollution, high levels of radiation, earthquakes,\" a man cited in the crowd Portnaya, the pier at RT, as he thought fracking was wrong.
\"The bottom line is a very dirty form of extreme energy mining, and there is no place in New York state.
\"You know, it\'s a matter of life and death,\" said another protester . \". “Water is non-renewable.
\"If we take this fracking to the north of New York, we will destroy our farmland,\" said a woman . \".
John Armstrong, director of communications for Operation frack, who participated in the protests, said people are increasingly aware of the dangers posed by fracking.
\"I think this sends a loud message that New Yorkers have learned, that they have listened to the experts and that they are very concerned about it.
They come back year after year to send this message to the governor, \"Armstrong told News 10.
The governor has not yet made a decision on the subject, but there is no mention of fracking in his speech.
On December, Cuomo promised that he would make a decision before election day next year whether New York state will allow natural gas fracking.
\"This is one of the most important decisions I think we will make as a government with a long history --
Cuomo said in a news article: \"The impact is far-reaching.
Last month\'s meeting
\"Right is more important than fast.
\"The governor of New York has been criticized for not making a final decision on fracking, and opponents and supporters of the practice have opposed it.
The latter believes that if fracking is not suspended, heating prices in the state may be smaller and the current temperature is extremely low.
\"New York has no reason not to be able to enjoy or benefit from the economic advantages that Penn has gained by producing natural gas safely and responsibly,\" said Thomas Pyle, director of the Energy Research Institute, quoted by The Washington Free lighthouse.
Meanwhile, according to a recent report by The Associated Press, fracking supporters mentioned that Pennsylvania has seen more than 100 confirmed cases of pollution or water pollution in the past five years, reviewed complaints about fracking in four states of the United States
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and West Virginia.
If oil and gas companies are not careful enough to get landowners to sign such an agreement, there may be more complaintscalled non-
Tyson slokam, renewable energy activist and director of public energy programs, believes the disclosure agreement.
\"Once oil and gas companies face the owners of the land, they usually ask them to sign the so-called non-
Disclosure agreement.
The oil company will say, \"Look, we will give you $10 to $20,000 in cash, we will give you a year\'s supply of drinking water, all you have to do is in this non-
\"It is forbidden for you to publicly mention the disclosure agreement for this,\" Slocum told RT . \".
The controversial fracking method requires companies to pump chemicals into the ground to break down rocks and release gas.
Water then returns the surface containing salt, heavy metals and radiation and causes air pollution.
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