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Advantages of choosing Air Source Heat Pump for hot water projects


 As we all know, hotels, guesthouses, schools, factories, swimming pools, etc. require a large amount of hot water, ranging from dozens of tons to hundreds of tons of hot water every day. In order to save costs, the owners will try various methods to reduce the costs.

In the past,  the owners mostly chose various boilers, electric water heaters, or solar water heaters. As the drawbacks of these traditional hot water equipment are gradually exposed, such as boilers that are not environmentally friendly and have potential safety hazards, and solar water heaters are unstable in heating, more and more customers are beginning to choose to try various new equipment

The increasingly popular new energy air source heat pump products use the heat energy from ambient as the energy source. It does not use gas, coal, oil, and other fuels when working, and will not produce open flames and exhaust gases. Therefore, the use of air-source heat pumps is not only environmentally friendly and clean, but also does not have to worry about accidents such as fire, explosion, and poisoning. At the same time, the stability of the air-source heat pump is very high. It can work normally during the day and night, during winter and summer, on sunny and rainy days, and provide 24-hour stable hot water for the building.

In 2019, "Xiehe" College in Shandong installed "Nulite" air source heat pumps to provide 24-hour central hot water for 17 dormitory buildings of the school.

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"So far, the heat pump unit has been running for more than two years. In the past three years, the equipment has not had any problems. It can heat stably in winter, and the heating cost is very low. On average, every ton of hot water is heated in one year. (From 15°C to 55°C), it only needs 10 kWh of electricity, which is 30% more energy-efficient than before using boilers. Our school has a relatively large demand for hot water, 350 tons of hot water is used a day, which can save hundreds of thousands a year, or even millions."


At present, with the advantages of system integration such as high energy efficiency, high stability, and efficient service, Nulite new energy heat pumps are widely used in schools, hotels, factories, swimming pools, and other places, and successfully occupy half of Chinese commercial heat pump market.