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Abandon toxic sulfur fumigation, and use clean and healthy air energy dryers in the drying area of ​​medicinal materials


White peony is a common Chinese medicinal material. It is excavated in summer and autumn, washed to remove the head, tail and fine roots, boiled in boiling water, and then removed from the skin, and then dried. In the past, pharmaceutical farmers generally used sulfur fumigation to process Radix Paeoniae Rubra. The so-called sulphur fumigation, also called sulphur, is a traditional Chinese medicine preparation method, which can dry the medicinal materials, prevent mold and moths, and greatly facilitate the storage of medicinal materials. At the same time, it can also add color or bleach medicinal materials to make the appearance of medicinal materials more beautiful.

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However, if people are exposed to Chinese medicinal materials with residual sulfur dioxide for a long time, it will damage the respiratory system and digestive system, and damage the mucosa of these organs, leading to chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and even bronchial asthma, emphysema and other diseases. May increase the prevalence of lung cancer. If industrial sulfur is used, it will also cause a large amount of toxic and harmful substances such as arsenic and mercury in Chinese herbal medicines. If taken in large amounts or taken for a long time, it will cause chronic poisoning.


Therefore, in recent years, with the increasingly strict national regulatory policies, more and more people have begun to use clean and clean air source dryers to dry white peony and other medicinal materials. For example, a white peony drying base in Gansu A Nulite air source dryer is used.

The Nulite air source dryer is a kind of working principle that uses a heat pump, runs on a small amount of electricity, absorbs a large amount of free heat in the air as energy, produces a large amount of hot air, and then uses pipes to transport the hot air to the drying room to dry the materials Dry equipment. During the entire drying process, the air source dryer will not produce open flames, nor will it emit any toxic and harmful exhaust gas, waste residues, and dust that cause harm to materials, humans, and the environment. Therefore, the air source dryer is a very Environmentally friendly, safe and clean equipment.

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In addition to environmental protection, safety, and cleanliness, the Nulite air source dryer also uses a microcomputer control program inside which stores multiple sets of drying processes. When the user uses it, as long as the corresponding process is selected according to the different white peony roots, the dryer will automatically work, with accurate temperature control, stable airflow, suitable temperature and humidity, and ensure good quality, good color and product grade of the baked medicine. high. After drying, the heat pump will automatically shut down, the process is fully protected, and the entire process does not require manual monitoring.

In terms of power consumption, which is most valued by users, the Nulite air source dryer only consumes a small amount of electricity to drive it, and can extract a lot of heat from the air to produce heat. One part of electricity can produce four parts of heat energy, which is ordinary electric drying. Four times as much as the dryer, so the energy consumption during work is very low, only 25% of the electric dryer and 50% of the gas dryer.

In addition to drying medicinal materials such as white peony, the Nulite air source dryer can also dry fruits, vegetables, grain, wood, sludge and other industries and agriculture.