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a \'night out\' for alamo heights-area neighbors

by:NULITE     2019-09-28
National nights in Alamo Heights include the police fingerprint the child and provide the parents with the child\'s identity documents.
Police and firefighters are delighted to show visitors the features of police cars and fire engines.
But there\'s more: cooking, music, folk organizations that draw faces for children, and provide self-information.
Even the city\'s Department of Animal Care has the attendees do it.
Adopted with a few furry friends.
The day of October became night.
The Texas community celebrates National Night, an annual Unified Display of crime fighting.
But many people also think this event is just an opportunity to make new friends and see old friends in a few hours.
Kate gromick and her 2-year-
Eldest son Maximilian took part in their first national night near the city pool.
Maximilian drew a small pumpkin.
\"Except in a small town, it has all the perfect qualities of a festival or carnival.
Also, it\'s only a few steps away from my home, \"she said.
\"Where else can you find it ? \" The police chief said \"National Night\" helps to increase familiarity and trust between residents and urban employees.
\"It\'s good for the public to meet and get to know us better with our police, firefighters, public works personnel and administrators,\" he said . \".
Ben and he are new here.
Last week, on their first national night, their son, Carter, was six years old and fingerprint by the police.
\"It\'s great,\" said Lindsey Sewell . \".
\"Our old neighbors have never done this.
\"The National Night at Olmos Park is in the West Prado near the town hall, where the Bill Miller Bar-B-
Q had a dinner in the Bay of the fire station, and the children jumped around in a nearby bounce house.
Fireman Zachary Obuch showed visitors 1,000 included
Galen pump truckThe Oct.
The celebration was the first National Night of his work.
\"Meeting with community members is always helpful so they know what we have.
\"It\'s nice to be familiar with everyone here,\" Obuch said . \".
Mamie Carter sat down for dinner with city councillors and city managers.
\"It\'s fun to be able to be with neighbors, especially those I don\'t often talk to,\" Carter said . \".
As a city councillor, he went through his first national night to celebrate with his family.
He applauded the big party.
\"Community participation is important to the structure of a city,\" he said . \".
\"Everyone should go out and meet.
\"Marked National Night, a party was held at the residence of an association member at East Cortland Street, but it was not busier than the larger city --
Activities sponsored in the region.
The children drew chalk on the sidewalk, the neighbors were having dinner, and local artists drew people\'s cartoons on the porch.
After nearly 30 years of service, he retired and showed off a restored 1968 Plymouth San Antonio police car.
\"I took part in such an event and set up a fake crime scene,\" Gonzalez said . \".
The Virginia transplant was her first national night.
\"I like San Antonio very much.
\"I have never been to such a community that will come together,\" Galick said . \".
\"We have more than 75 people here tonight.
Really good.
\"We have seen people we have never seen before,\" added the president of the Tobin Hill Community Association . \".
\"It was a good night.
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