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48 hours in: beziers

by:NULITE     2019-09-28
A whistle-
This stop-by tour of the elegant city will reveal ancient history, shady boulevard, stunning views and some culinary options. This beautiful ancient city looks the best in the spring sun
Now enjoy the mild hustle and bustle before the summer vacation, the bustling town, the hot weather.
This year was a particularly poignant visit to the town to mark the 800 th anniversary of the bejir massacre, when the city was fired by the Crusaders.
The annual Medieval Fair held in May 21
The incident will be commemorated on the 23rd.
No direct flights from Ireland, but Ryanair (0818 303 030; www. ryanair. com)
Fly from London Luton and Bristol to beziel geagard airport.
About 15 km south of the airport-
East of town.
The shuttle bus to the bus stop at Charles de Gaulle square (1)
The time schedule for connecting to Ryanair flights from the UK is 3 euros. 10 for the 20-minute journey.
Taxi charges are expected to be around 25 euros.
Marseille, Nimes, Montpellier and Perpignan are alternative arrival points.
Béziers is located above the river ball and can be traced back to pre-
The Roman era, so it is worth remembering that the medieval streets of its old town were built on a more ancient settlement.
The main attractions are within walking distance of this small place.
It is bounded by the western and eastern sides of the river, and consists of a wide and Shady Avenue built on the ruins of the old wall, Alan Paul Rickett.
Great Church (2)
It proves the historical strength and importance of the town, which stands on the river on the western edge.
In the north is cimetière Vieux (3), a 19th-
At the turn of the century, there were luxurious tombs reflecting the wealth of the times.
More signs on the 19 th-
The prosperity of the century lies on the eastern edge of Alan Paul Rickett, where there are many luxury houses of Wellsto-
The owner of the vineyard was built.
The South is two impressive contributions from the 1800 s: the fascinating Presse plateau Park (4)
Here is the elegant train station (5).
Tourism Bureau (6)
Located at 29 San Jose Avenue, you can walk to the east of Ellis Paul Rickett (
0033 cm 467 cm 768 cm 400 cm; beziers-tourisme. fr).
Open from nine o\'clock A. M. Monday to Saturday-12. 30pm and 1. 30-6pm;
June 17 to September (
Same is true on Sunday, July and August)from 10am-1pm and 3-6pm.
Small and stylish, Hotel deptis (7)
Paul Rickett is 80.
0033 cm 467 cm 763 cm 866 cm; hoteldespoetes. net)
There are 14 rooms in a superior position.
It overlooks the green of the puteth plateau.
Double the cost from 65 euros and an extra 7 euros per person for breakfast.
Hotel location is very central. It is located at 28 alres Paul Rickett, Imp érator (8)(
0033 cm 467 cm 490 cm 225 cm; hotel-imperator. fr)
Keep the air on the 19 th
Grand Century.
Doubled from 71 euros.
Surrounded by vineyards, Le Clos de Maussanne (9)
It is an extremely casual boutique hotel located on the eastern edge of beziere (
The route of Pezenas;
0033 cm 467 cm 393 cm 181 cm; www.
Leclosedemaussanne. com).
There\'s a bell tower on the 17 th.
The century abbey has been beautifully remodeled and offers five bedrooms, a swimming pool with beautiful gardens, and a restaurant offering delicious food (set menu only).
Twice the cost from 1 euro.
Magnificent Roman-style catherdra Street from beizil with breathtaking viewsNazaire (2)(daily 9am-noon and 2. 30pm-5.
30 p. m. nine o\'clock A. M-
Seven o\'clock P. M. on June, July and August; free).
From the Cathedral Square in Revolution Square, you can overlook the remote countryside to the West.
However, the locals say it will rain the next day or so if you can see the Pyrenees clearly.
Enter the cloister of the cathedral from the 13 th century (daily 10am-noon and 2pm-5pm; May-September 10am-7pm; free).
A small staircase on the right leads to the formal pleasant restaurant that once belonged to Bishop bezil.
The view from its terrace to the South
Cross the roof of the town\'s terracotta warriors and cross four bridges of river balls.
In the cathedral (2)
You can start a stroll in the charming narrow driveway of the old town.
Its architecture dates back to the Middle Ages, although many were renovated in the 17 th and 18 th centuries.
Walk east through the Revolutionary Square, past the lovely 17 th
Century Palace of bishops (10)
Now it\'s the Palace of Justice, continue through the bokes MuseumArts (11)(
See you in the afternoon).
Turn right along Massol Street, then turn left onto Bonsi Street and continue on to Alphonse Mas Avenue.
The Occitan on the blue plaque and the cream plaque gives the name of the street in French;
Despite the fact that few people speak, the Occitan still teaches the children today.
Turn left to get to the center of the old town, Gabriel Péri square, elegant 18
Century City Hall (12)on your right.
Direct to Wendell Street (
Carriera d \'en in Vézère in tang)
Notice a charming cream-colored building with decorated corbels and du Chapeau Rouge Street in the corner.
Continue to République Street--
Straight on the 19 th-
New Century in Old Town--
Turn left to Les Halles (13);
Open this large covered market from Tuesday to Sunday at six o\'clock A. M-1pm.
Walk along Paul Rickett Street and get to cabbs Street--
Very lovely 15 passing-
Century facade of Hotel de cristor (14)--
Then turn left and turn right into Vienna Street.
Continue along this street and return to the cathedral (2).
Make a fast food;
Local people will feel dazed about the idea of skimming at lunch.
The elegant Sun (15)
At 1 Madeline Square (open Tuesday-Saturday 9. 30am-7pm;
0033 cm 467 cm 285 cm 426 cm; accentdoc. fr)
It is one of the most recently opened projects in this town.
This café and deli celebrates the produce of the area and offers an outdoor table and a blackboard menu from which you can pay for the main course for around € 10.
The main shopping streets in the old town are St putambray Street, Malan Street and French Street.
Go to the Mercure beauie art store at 8 Trois Six Square (16)
See contemporary painting on the 19 th
Century City Building
For modern design and household items, for the trendy nesruc and balthaz \'Art (17)
At 5 monmolon Street
At the same time, there is a Lafayette department store (18)
On the 9 th of the old town, Paul Rickett. Join the in-
People in Le Chameau Ivre (
Drunken Camel)(19)at Place Jean-Jaures (
0033 467 802 020; open Tuesday-
Lunch time and evening on Saturday until midnight).
This lively bar is full of tables and serves a wide variety of Languedoc wines and Spanish wines
Spanish snacks.
Recently opened, the restaurant is very popular. L\'Octopus (20)(
0033, 467, 499; restaurant-octopus. com.
Rest on Sunday and Monday)
At the beginning of 2005, the opening of 12 Boyle Diyo Street, last year won a Michelin star. Its three-
The price of the package on the menu is 30 euros.
La Compagnie de Comptoirs was completed on 2007 (21)(
0033 cm 467 cm 363 cm;
Lacompagniedescomptoirs. com;
Rest on Sunday and Monday)
Let the 15 th
Jaurè s is a Michelin branch.
Brother Pourcel starred.
This is a vibrant beer shop serving Mediterranean cuisine with Asian flavor. Two-
The price of the course menu is 21 euros.
Ste church from the 11 th centuryMadeleine (22)
It is a quiet Roman architecture.
This is a groundbreaking milestone for local residents: the infamous massacre of 7,000 citizens took place here in 1209.
They were trying to avoid it.
Catherine crusader was burned alive.
The church opens at ten o\'clock A. M. on Sunday-
Wednesday and Friday, ten o\'clock A. M. Noon-
Two o\'clock P. M. noon Thursday-
From ten o\'clock A. M. to six o\'clock P. M. , Saturday. noon then 2pm-7pm;
Free admission (
Sunday Mass five o\'clock P. M).
As the Les Market (13)
You can buy local raw materials there. -
From Fish to steak and vegetables-
Then take them to La Gargote for cooking, an outlet in this beautiful pump room with a covered market.
The cost of the service is expected to be between 2 and 5 euros.
A ticket for 3 euros.
You can visit six museums in beizil (open 9am-noon and 2pm-6pm; closed Mondays): The Beaux-Arts museum (11)
Offer a collection of paintings from the 17 th to the 19 th centuries and a beizil exhibition at de La revolution Square
Natural Resistance hero Jean Mullin
Another branch of the museum, on Capus Street (23)
To Jean and Bé ziers
Born sculptor Jean-
Antoine injabbert, some of them number 19
The works of the century can also be regarded as public art around the town.
Museum of Natural History (24)
In San cassain-Jacques;
In Izzy Bitterrois (25)
Hotel in San cathorn
Jacques outlines the archaeology and history of the town; Espace Taurin (26)
At Mail Plein Sud, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the local bullfighting culture;
Although space Riquet (27)
At 7 Massol Street, the show shows a changing contemporary performance.
Stroll through the poètes plateau (4)
Built in 1863, it is a charming green space that welcomes visitors directly below the train station.
The gust of the poet (Jean-Pons-
Guillaume Martinez, Gabriel Azis, etc)
Located on the east side of the park.
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