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30 steps to a greener home

by:NULITE     2019-09-28
I expect two visitors this afternoon.
One of them is Kate Haines, an environmental activist running greenfinder. co.
A website in Britain that pays tribute to the greenest.
Friendly products on the market.
The other was the delivery guy who was sending me a pack of thick cheap clothes I bought online the other day, and through this deal I supported the fossil fuel industry and the fast fashion industry.
This can be embarrassing.
I checked the delivery mail nervously.
Yes, this afternoon. Gulp.
The doorbell rang an hour later.
I rushed downstairs. -the delivery guy.
\"Thank you,\" I said.
Thank God, I think.
I carry my bag
Recycled plastic, go back to my bedroom and leave my shameful secret at the foot of the bed. Haines arrives.
She\'s a little 44-year-
Take a train from Leamington Spa to evaluate my old man at home, I shared with two friends its sustainability and ecologyfriendliness.
Her top is made of tencel, a sustainable fabric made of wood cellulose.
From her backpack, she carried a stainless steel water bottle and a reusable coffee cup, hanging a small rubber globe in which she stored her possession
She is suitable for the job. Too perfect.
I feel like I\'m calling Gordon Ramsey to see me make a sandwich.
We started with the fridge and there was good news right away: I\'m a vegetarian.
\"High marks,\" says Haines.
A study from Oxford University says reducing meat, dairy and eggs is the biggest thing most people can do to reduce their carbon footprint.
The bad news is that vegetarian will not make you whiter than white and will not make me greener than green.
We have some plastic-packed stuff in our fridge and a lot of stuff that has to be flown to the UK by air.
There was avocado in the sauce, I had Chiya seeds in my baked bread, and a box of almond milk, which required a lot of water to be made.
Speaking of this . . . . . . Haines pointed to the two and said, \"you don\'t need this . \"
A liter of plastic bottle soda in the refrigerator door.
\"We have very good drinking water in this country and the water filter will be better if you don\'t like the taste.
\"When Haines sees what\'s in the cupboard under the sink, it gets worse.
There is a rainbow in the cleaning products, from the drainage unsealing agent to the antibacterial spray, to the beauty of the clothes, to the bleach.
Haines said: \"What you have to worry about is that when these things come down from the sink, they hurt fish and aquatic life.
\"She doesn\'t use these things and relies mainly on natural products.
But do they work?
Our kitchen surface is rusty.
A colored ring formed when a pot of damp herbal tea is left there for a few months.
Haines sprinkled bicarb on it, half a lemon, and squeezed out juice on the stain to make it boil.
Let\'s check it out later.
She likes our furniture second.
She liked that our roof was insulated but we started talking about the clothes.
Most of mine was bought from the charity store and Haines recognized it, but some second
Handmade clothes are better than others.
Compared to clothes made from other fabrics, wool releases more microfibers when washing.
The production of denim fabric requires a lot of water.
Unfortunately, I wear wool and jeans.
\"The production and washing of a pair of jeans uses the same carbon dioxide as driving 69 miles and uses 9,982 liters of water,\" says Haines.
\"Wait there,\" I told Haines that I got back a bag of shame I received earlier that afternoon: a work shirt and a few T-shirtsshirts.
\"According to the rule of thumb, only when you see yourself wearing something new at least 30 times will you buy something new,\" she said . \".
This is the case with all the items, but I will be a reluctant shopper in the future. We talk more.
On a social level, we need to invest in green energy, promote electric vehicles, grow more trees, and ban non-
Recyclable packaging.
On a personal level, most of these things come down to simple, painless exchanges, and even the greater sacrifices she makes, such as avoiding flights, are not sacrifices at all: the fact that we can go to Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona by train will surprise us. grandparents.
In fact, many things seem to come down to doing our great things.
Grandparents will do it.
They did it and fixed it.
They eat seasonally;
They use natural cleaning products (
Lemon and bicarb are valid, by the way);
They counted from their clothes.
A greener life
I realized that a friendly life is not even new, let alone hard work.
With the help of Kate Haines, Ross Lamas, Wendy Graham and gardening writer Kate Bradbury, we have compiled 30 easy ways to get your home. . Why?
It\'s single. use plastic.
Instead, \"use old newspapers to line up at the bottom of your kitchen trash can, and when the trash can is full, just tip the contents of the trash can into your trash can,\" Graham said \".
If you compost food waste, it shouldn\'t smell or get wet.
Do you know that the crispy bag can be recycled now?
For details and find out what else you can recycle even if your Commission is not collected, Haines recommends terracycle. com.
Your fridge is full of seasonal lowsair-
Miles vegetables, you are using leftovers and you are rejecting meat, eggs and dairy products. Good for you.
But is your refrigerator working?
Check its energy rating and clean the condenser coil behind it.
An efficient washing machine or cooker will save you a lot of money. Sust-it.
Net compares the two.
Many energy suppliers, such as light bulbs, ecology, quality energy and solar energy, provide 100 renewable energy to the state grid.
They can even save you money.
Use the comparison on sustit.
Net learn more.
Beeswax paper is a good choice.
You can buy it online or make it yourself (
Graham has a guide on moralfiber. co. uk).
Reusable containers are always useful: turned bowls protect the refrigerated food pan, that is, save energy by cooking efficiently.
Don\'t fill the kettle too, use the dishwasher and washing machine only when you fill it up.
Save on plastic packaging and delivery.
Graham suggested stopping mailingorg.
Suggestions on how to do this.
Tea bags turn into food waste, but check to see if there is plastic. co.
Ukfor should pay attention to the breakdown of which tea bags.
Even if the fabric is not good enough for the charity store, it can still be used as padding for chairs and car seats, cleaning cloth and industrial blankets. Use recyclenow.
Com\'s recycling locator, find out where you can store it.
As Haines said on greenfinder. co.
In the UK, organic bedding is not only more friendly to human skin, but also to the environment.
They cost more, but will return you quickly with their efficiency and can be as warm as halogen lamps.
Even better, with smart lighting systems like Nest, it turns them off when you\'re not there.
But remember, there\'s some energy-
Energy-saving technologies such as smart plugs may consume more energy than it saves.
Or \"antique\" and \"antique\" furniture if you want.
If this is not possible, please look for the Forest Management Board logo to ensure that new wood is made from wood grown responsibly.
Haines quoted 30-
Wears rules promulgated by Livia Firth, the eco-
Activists married to Colin
Can you see yourself dressed 30 times? No?
Then don\'t buy it.
Whether the video you are playing or the calculations made by the smart thermostat, your data will be transferred through a server that uses a lot of energy.
Some of the larger tech companies, such as Amazon and Google, have turned servers to renewable energy or are moving in that direction-but many data centers have not done so. Many high-
Street banks invest in companies that damage the environment or harm animals.
Moral consumer (
Moral consumers. org)
It is recommended to transfer your money to Co-wait
Operating banks, Triodos banks and applications-based Monzo.
Fill your own jars with food, drinks, cleaning products, etc. Zerowastenear.
I have a great interactive map with shops near you.
Your vacuum cleaner and power tools spend 99 of their lives collecting dust.
Find a network that allows you to borrow these items: borroclub. co.
British Library in Birmingham. co.
British and local Facebook groups in southern London. Or find cast-offs via uk. freecycle. org.
The production of your cotton tote bag uses so much water and energy that you have to use it thousands of times to exceed the impact of a single plastic bag.
So, if you already have some plastic bags, it might be better to use them, but get a good mileage from them.
Haines with a globe (baggee. co. uk)
, This is the small ball you put things in a bag and attached to the key chain/backpack.
This will save you money-Pret will give you a 50 p filtered coffee if you bring your own cup-also save plastic. Hydro Flask (uk. hydroflask. com)
It is one of several companies that use stainless steel to make durable, recyclable and stylish water bottles and coffee cups.
Plastic is a threat that will eventually appear in the food chain, Bradbury said.
\"Buy some wooden and metal tools and look after them.
She recommends flower pots made of coconut shells or bamboo, made from unused coconut shells.
Use cardboard instead of plastic cloth to stop weeds.
\"British native plants have something to do with wildlife that has been around since the last ice age,\" Bradbury noted . \".
For example, butterflies always spawn in native plants.
\"Caterpillars are at the bottom of the food chain, so they mean more birds, hedgehog and everything else.
Local trees include birch and Hawthorn, local shrubs include Gould roses and barracs, and smaller plants such as fox gloves and spring grass.
Why not make your own plant food in order to cultivate this plant?
\"Steep hemp leaves or purple grass leaves soaked in water for several weeks.
It will have the same effect as commercial plant foods.
\"Peat is an incredible wildlife habitat and it\'s very good at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and even preventing flooding, so it\'s terrible for us to use it as a compost.
You can get a lot of mud coal.
Free Mix Online
\"Plastic lawns, sidewalks, and decks take habitat away and create a sterile environment.
The installation of these devices will produce emissions and keep them unchanged, resulting in the heat island effect of the city.
Take out your decoration and plant some plants.
\"The Sprinkler is really a waste,\" Bradbury warned . \".
\"Water the garden at night, or the first thing in the morning, it evaporates less when the weather is not too hot.
Install as many water cigarette butts as possible to collect rain water.
Wild animal gardening by Kate Bradbury for all and everything (
Bloom Bloomsbury in wild animal, is out now.
Brands like Ecover are more eco-friendly than industry standards, although you rarely need anything other than lemon, baking soda and white wine vinegar.
Even if you are cleaning the toilet.
Haines suggested this approach;
Graham recommends the use of soda crystals, which are easy to find in supermarkets and are very good at removing natural stains.
You may have heard of a bamboo toothbrush.
What about zero?
Waste toothpaste?
Haines recommends Denttabs, a mini pill that bubbles in your mouth. Greenchoices.
Org provides some criteria for purchasing cosmetics: organic (
Is to avoid pesticides)?
Is it certified as animal friendly by cruel freedom International (
Looking for the rabbit sign they jumped)?
Do you really need it?
Soap contains less plastic than gel soap, and usually contains less harmful substances to the environment.
Good soap is more of a treat.
Companies like Soapnuts sell organic vegetarian soap . . . . . . And bar shampoo.
Mark Boyle, 40
Home means different things to different people.
For me, this is a round wooden straw bundle cabin, which I built by hand, in the cabin where I live, without running water, gas, electricity or anything it provides: no Internet, phone, washing machine or light bulb.
It fits my character: I love the simplicity, proximity to nature, slowness, and even the hard reality of it. But that’s me.
For others, an ecology
The home looks completely different.
In so much hot air about carbon emissions, most people are talking about designing the use of fossil fuels from our homes.
It\'s not a bad thing-something good for golden eagle is also good for your bank balance.
There are all kinds of costs
Turning to an effective way to be cleaner and more energy efficient
An efficient family, and someone better suited than me to explain how best to do this.
But don\'t use so-
I\'m talking about green energy \".
They distract us from here and now, from the people we care about and from the places we live.
After all, if we don\'t even remember to taste the world, we can\'t hope to save it.
Home: The Story of a life without technology, published by one worldross Lammas 57 years ago, we bought an old farmhouse that was completely destroyed.
We rebuilt it in a completely ecological environment.
Friendly way to use natural insulation, energy
High efficiency glass windows heated by the ground-
Source heat pump, built with low-embodied energy materials such as wood, instead of carbon-
Heavy bricks and mortar.
It\'s cheaper to run than a terraced house.
During the project, I was frustrated by the lack of information about the environmental friendliness of electrical products, so in 2006, a year after we finished the farmhouse, I developed sust-it. net. It’s an energy-
Efficiency comparison website for electrical products, vehicles and energy suppliers.
My partner Issi is also very interested in sustainable development.
We are not vegetarians and sometimes fly, but usually we try to minimize it.
We run green options together.
Org is a website that provides consumer information in areas such as family life, holidays and shopping.
The most important thing is to reduce our consumption.
Wendy Graham, 37, when I was a child, I saw something like acid rain on the news, leaving me a real impression.
I \'ve always been interested in helping the environment, but a few years ago, when I started looking for eco-conscious blogs, I found that many of them continued with outdated ideas suchdyeing.
I want something more relevant that allows people to see a sustainable and simple lifestyle.
So I made the fiber. co.
That\'s what Britain does.
I wrote about plastic recently.
Free instant coffee (
It\'s hard to find amazing)
, How to compost in the apartment, and how to pottyTraining in the ecosystemfriendly way.
I started blogging in 2013.
Since then, the media has gained more understanding of the importance of living in an environment-friendly way, and I now have a lot of readers who are actively involved.
It is infuriating to find out how much plastic is in what we often use, but the impact is very satisfying.
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