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$20m-plus waiheke island mansion goes under contract to be sold

by:NULITE     2019-09-13
A $20 million-
In addition, a real estate agent said the beachside mansion on waihek island, which owns its own vineyard, is being contracted for sale, making it the most expensive residential deal this year.
Sotheby\'s rose Hawkins at Parnell\'s office said the Church Bay property signed a contract with the buyer at the end of last year, but he was unable to provide more details.
\"We signed the Church Bay property on September 7,\" Hawkins told the Herald this week . \".
Auckland Council listed 205 Church Bay Road as $17.
Millions of capital, including $7, were valued in July 5 last year. 4 million land and $10. 1m buildings;
The land at 205a Church Bay Road is worth $2.
$50,000 improvement.
This gives the total value of both.
$20 in property rights.
According to the Council, 37 metres.
The price of the contract sale was unknown, but the Herald previously reported that the property was worth $22.
The property is one of New Zealand\'s most luxurious properties, developed by businessman David Parkinson, who used to be in the world of British ink cartridges.
The 18-square-meter ridgetop house is 10 times the size of an ordinary New Zealand house with a spacious balcony and dormer-
The style windows are set on the sloping roof of its own basement boutique winery.
Parkinson, who owns three adjacent sites in Church Bay Rd, gave him £ 25.
8ha plot, flowing down into the water on one of the island\'s most pristine beaches.
Property records show that the property is owned by Parkinson\'s and Dray Susan Crawford, as well as independent trustees of Parkinson\'s and Crawford.
When the house was being built in 2011, Parkinson told the Herald that it was for his family. The three-
Waiheke architect Bryce Ardon designed a flat-story villa with an indoor pool.
Parkinson says its design is partly inspired by the luxury cabin Kauri Cliffs developed by American billionaire philanthropist Julian and Josie Robertson.
The Church Bay project was very special and was designed in the early New Zealand colonial style, Arden said. The bulk-
The insulated concrete structure is designed indoors and is designed to obtain and store energy from natural sources.
Features include ground-
Source heat pump, double-
Best season temperature-controlled glass Wood carpentry and stand out.
Living accommodation includes a self
The winery is equipped with a fermenter, a laboratory, a barrel room and a wine tasting room, and an indoor swimming pool.
The property is advertised by an agency that introduces interior features including French oak, limestone shell tiles and granite.
Designed by interior designer Anna desbonne.
\"Your family who lives on the first floor is replaced by sunshine, ocean and surfing, and your designer kitchen can only be described as a dream.
Spend time in your private art gallery and enjoy your senses in your open-air dining area, in your greenhouse, and indoors --
Heated pool with HBO and air conditioning.
\"You have a self too.
\"It has four bedrooms, a kitchenette, a lounge and a home theater for children and tourists on its wing,\" said one agency . \".
\"Upstairs in the main house is a luxurious master bedroom suite with a balcony, his-and -hers en-
Suite and dressing room, kitchenette and hidden library/TV.
\"Additional features are advanced features that are completely self-contained
Guest accommodation with more than four morning and evening decks-car garaging.
\"This is a special place for discerning homeowners who value space, privacy and a quality environment in a beautiful, safe, beachfront secluded place,\" the ad said . \".
\"Your property is divided into two ownership, allowing the construction of another house, additional rooms or a manager\'s house,\" it said . \".
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