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2020 Asia Heat Pump Technology and Equipment Exhibition (AHP)



From August 16 to 18, 2020, the 2020 Asia Heat Pump Technology and Equipment Exhibition (AHP) (referred to as Asia Heat Pump Exhibition) will be held in Guangzhou·

China Import and Export Fair Complex. As the mainstay and benchmarking enterprise in the air source heat pump industry, Nulite was invited to attend the exhibition 

and will bring a variety of star products to the show. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit the TD11-1 booth for guidance and cooperation!


The exhibits at this exhibition cover all types of heat pump mainframe systems, hot water engineering system accessories, heating engineering system accessories, 

heating product areas and accessories, and other related industry chain companies such as heating, water purification, fresh air, and dehumidification. 

Strive to build a one-stop business service platform in the heat pump field and create a business card for the Asian heat pump market.


In order to enhance the brand influence in the air energy heat pump industry, we will showcase the latest heat pump drying technology and products, 

and promote business development faster. As the leading brand in China's air energy heat pump industry, Nulite will bring a variety of high-end products 

such as condensing dehumidification drying equipment, flue-cured tobacco drying equipment, and opening and closing integrated drying equipment. 

Innovative technical functions and professional solutions. Will become the biggest highlight of this exhibition.

P1 condensation dehumidification drying equipment


Condensation dehumidification drying equipment: It is not controlled by the ambient temperature, and the material is dried in a completely closed cycle

 to achieve low-temperature, high-efficiency, high-quality material drying, large dehumidification capacity, no heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection, 

and precise temperature control.

P2 flue-cured tobacco drying equipment


Flue-cured tobacco drying equipment: suitable for drying all kinds of tobacco products, with good drying quality, excellent appearance and color, 

and high yield. Tobacco Bureau customized models, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and stability, intelligent control, 

no special equipment verification and other procedures.

P3 opening and closing integrated drying equipment


Opening and closing integrated drying equipment: independent of ambient temperature, flexible and intelligent switching of open heating and closed dehumidification modes, 

increased heat recovery system, improved heat recovery utilization rate; energy saving, environmental protection, convenient installation, and intelligent control.


In the field of high-temperature drying heat pumps, Nulite has opened up a new blue ocean of agricultural and sideline products drying, municipal sludge drying and other applications, and the market is huge!