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Daily Mail reporter UPDATE: At 04:57 on February 24, 2009, Agatha Christie\'s \"The cutest place in the world\" holiday home will be open to the public for the first time this week. The £5.
The purpose of the 4 million national trust fund to repair Greenway\'s home in Devon is to return the property to its heyday in its 1950 s, which crime writers and her family would have enjoyed.
In a room open to the public, there is a living room where Christie spent the summer evening reading a chapter in her latest novel to family and friends, called \"Christie ·
Who can guess who it is?
\"The loveliest place in the world: Agatha Christie spent her summer at Greenway House in Devon and it will be open to the public for the first time, visitors will also be able to see the library painted by Lieutenant Marshall Lee and its frieze, the unofficial war artist of the US Coast Guard, who commandeered the house in the fall of 1943.
The author\'s bedroom, along with the restaurant and the \"fax room\", will feature a large number of her novels.
In the first few weeks visitors will see the staff at the final stage of re-creating the Greenway, due to the trust\'s decision to let the public see the process, instead of having them wait until later this year to get into the house.
Whunnit: in the living room, where Christie spent the summer evening, reading a chapter in her latest novel, house, Christie bought the novel in 1938, she didn\'t go home for vacation until 1959. Her family gave it to the trust fund in 2000.
But only 30 until now-
Boat-acre garden
House and sidewalk through 278
Acre manor has been open to the public as the house has been a private residence of Christie\'s daughter Rosalyn and her husband Anthony Hicks until they died in 2004 and 2005.
Mathew Prichard, Christie\'s grandson, said: \"After years of efforts on behalf of the National Trust Fund, Greenway has restored its former beauty and
Framework: the library, Lieutenant Marshall Lee\'s paintings will be shown at the exhibition \"what I want most is, visitors will feel the magic and local feeling I felt when I was with my family 1950 and there was a lot of time in the 1960 s.
If they do, the gift of our green passage will be worth it.
Robin Brown, National Trust property manager at Greenway, said: \"It is a huge and expensive task to repair the house and the garden.
Stupid of the dead: writer, in the library of the 1950 s, showed the home in one of her novels, but I hope visitors will enjoy it like many former masters --
As a family holiday home, parties gather to celebrate a common interest in the garden, a love of travel, literature and music, and the beauty and inspiration of Devon and its surrounding shores and countryside.
Due to limited lane traffic restrictions and parking to the hotel, people are encouraged to reach the green passage with a \"Green Road.
Include a ferry from Dartmouth to the pier under the house, or by bike or on foot.
The state Trust said parking lots could only be booked in advance.
In addition to the rooms open to visitors, a part of the house can be used as a holiday apartment for up to 10 people, as a resort to continue Greenway\'s heritage.
Measures have been taken to reduce the environmental impact of the property, including the installation of a soil source heat pump for heating and humidity control in the showroom, and the provision of hot water by solar panels in the apartment, air-to-water heat pumps are provided in the tourist reception area.
The restoration of the property was carried out with a grant of £ 800,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, while the Devon Renaissance Foundation funded £ 95,000 for the site\'s new visitor center.
About 1 million pounds were raised through public appeals.
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